Helpfile keyword:

Information: channel, help, score, affects, areas, scan, quit, who, whois, worth, db, where, death, explore, look, exits, showclass, race, modifiers

Movement: movement, recall, exits, runto, enter

Skills, Spells, and Levels: practice, train, showskill, skills, cast, teach, learn, experience, faux, legend, restart, multiclassing

Customization: title, description, prompt, walkin, worldin, whostring, fakeaura, ictitle

Objects: get, keep, runes, armor ratings, lockers, put, lore, list, appraise, buy, sacrifice, drop, give, wear, remove, wield, second, hold, lock, unlock, open, close, inventory, equipment, database, compare, eat, drink, sell, value, quaff, container

Combat: kill, flee, wimpy, consider, cast, tanking

Mobiles (NPCs): pets, petshops, consider, tanking

Game: quest, expedition, missions, gquest, houses, group, follow, events, wizlist

Communication: channels, friends, socials, tells, ignore, block, notes

Utilities and configuration: keep, alias, alarm, toggle