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Type: help house commands To see commands usable by members and leaders of houses. Type: help pkrules To see rules for pk. Type: help records To learn about PK records. Type: help house points To learn about how houses earn house points. Type: help monthly reward To learn about the kinds of rewards houses and players get on the 1st of every month. Type: help house guardians To learn about how PK halls can guard other PK players from entering their halls. Type: help house tributes To learn about what a house tribute mob is.
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Houses are groups of players who share a theme and specialize in a different style of gameplay. There are nine houses on Erion to choose from: Non Player-Killing: - Newbies, a band of players new to Erion. - Slayers, for the Hack-'n-Slasher. - Sacellum, Doom, and Chaos, for the Player-Killers. - Luminati, for the Questors. - Healers, for those who enjoy helping and healing others. - Alchemist, for those interested in potion brewing. Player-Killing: - Doom (help doom house). - Chaos (help chaos house) - Sacellum (help sacellum house) Joining a house has several benefits, such as gaining access to house spells, house point shops, and the monthly house point competition where the house who earns the most points in the month wins special prizes. Each house has specialized ways for earning house points (see help house points). To join a house, visit the house's hall and seek out the administer. There you can type 'house join <house name>' and pay a fee of 25000 gold and 2000 questpoints to become a member.
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