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Syntax: train <stat> <number of times> train <stat> all train <stat> newcost train hp|mana <number of times> train exchange - turns 10 practices into one train train exchange all - turns all practices into trains train exchange <multiple of 10> - turns practices into trains train exchange 20 - this will change 20 practices into 2 trains train study - turns 1 train into 6 practices The train command is used to increase your stats such as dexterity, strength, wisdom, intelligence, constitution, or luck, or your hit points and mana. The train <stat> all command will train your chosen stat until it is either maxed out or you have used up all your trains. The train <stat> newcost command will train your stat (int, wis, et cetera) until the cost increases. You can train your stats at your respective guildmaster. The costs of training specific stats is based on your race. As your stats increase, the cost will also increase. Help 'maxstats' to see when the costs increase and by how much. Type 'race info <race>' to see the training costs and starting stats of any given race. One training session is worth one hit or mana point. Typing 'train hp 3' will spend 3 training points and give you 3 hitpoints. The constitution stat increases the maximum hitpoints one can train, and intelligence and wisdom increase the maximum mana points one can gain. Both maxes are capped at 1000. As your trained stats increase, the costs will increase as well. To reduce your train cost, there are a few options such as heroing on a PermaDeath The base costs before any race modifiers are: Stat Range Base Cost ---------- --------- 70 1 71-90 2 91-130 3 131-170 4 171-200 5 201-224 6 225-250 7 251-300 8 301-350 9 351-400 10 401-450 11 451-500 12 501-550 13 550+ 14
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Helpfile keywords: blindfold training
Syntax: automatic Because part of a ninja's training is to practice combat while blindfolded, the drawbacks of becoming blinded in combat have little to no effect on them. This training improves the senses and balance so that once the skill is mastered, the ninja will be able to sense incoming blows and evade them regardless of the loss of sight. They will also hit their targets with full force and greater accuracy. This skill has a chance to increase when evading a target while blinded.
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