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Syntax: expedition <info|time|bonus|request|complete|fail> expedition request <small|medium|large> Speedwalk: (from Miragon recall) Run 3nw Expeditions are similar to global quests but in expeditions players do not compete with other players. You are able to choose a small, medium, or large sized expedition. On a small expedition, you are sent to kill three mobs, medium five, large ten. You must wait 15 minutes after completing an expedition to begin another one. If you fail or run out of time, you must only wait 5 minutes. This timer will decrease even when you are offline. You are given an [EXPEDITION TARGET] flag next to your target's name. The rewards are given in questpoints and gold and sometimes practices and mudpies. The higher level you are, the more questpoints you will earn. If you are in the same group as someone when they complete an expedition, you will reap a portion of the questpoints and the expeditioner will not lose any questpoints. Run 3nw from Miragon recall to find the Expedition giver, Axil. The only way to receive credit for killing an expedition target is by killing it yourself. If grouped and a group member kills the target, you will not receive credit. If you can complete a small expedition in three minutes or less, you will receive a 30% increase in your questpoint and gold rewards. If you complete a medium expedition in under five minutes or a large expedition in under ten minutes, you will also receive a bonus. Remember to always quaff a potion of true sight before beginning an expedition. Your expedition target may be invisible to you otherwise. You cannot gate (this includes all teleport skills and spells) to your expedition target.
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