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Syntax: group : Shows group stats (if in a group). group <character> : Add a character to a group. group <option> : See below for a list of group options. : Arguments with GROUP must be exact. Players are able to create groups, flag them as public or private, invite others to join, track exp and kills, and reassign leadership when necessary. While grouping, experience is not reduced. There is a party experience bonus of +10% (max of +50%) of total exp per group member (not including yourself). Grouping with someone will always give you more exp than training alone. You will not receive exp from killing in a group if you are not within 15 levels of the highest level player. Your exp is not effected if the out of range player is not in the same room as you. This allows you to create groups with anyone and socialize while not hindering experience. If you are in the same group as someone while they are questing, you reap a small portion of the questpoints when they complete quests. The questor himself does not lose questpoints while having you in the group. Basic Grouping -------------- The basic version of grouping simply requires you to follow someone. If they 'group' you, you will be added to their group. If they don't already have a group, one will be created. Once this has been done, all of the options below are available. Advanced Grouping ----------------- The 'group' command has multiple options based on whether or not you are already in a group, and your status within the group: Global Group Commands --------------------- Group: Show the kills and total experience for each group member. Only kills occurring in the room with the group leader will update stats. Group Create <Groupname>: Allows you to create a new group that you can then invite other players to join. You do not have to create a group name. If you don't, the party will be named after you, ie 'Fido's group'. Group List: List all publicly visible groups and their level range. Using 'group rank <1|2>' shows kills/exp values. Group Rank [option]: Sorts the list of public groups in order of kills (option 1) or total exp (option 2) Group Accept: Accept a group invite. Group Decline: Decline a group invite. Group Invites: See any outstanding group invitations you have. Group Member Commands ---------------------- Group Leave: Leave the group. If the person leaving is a group leader, a new leader will be automatically assigned. If the person leaving is the last player in the group, the group will be disbanded. Group Leader Commands ---------------------- Group Invite <Player>: Invite other players into the group. Group Invited: View outstanding invitations for this group. Group Cancel <Player>: Cancel an invitation previously made to a player. Group Kick <Player>: Kick a person out of the group. Group Leader <Player>: Assign leadership to another group member. Group Disband: Disband the group completely. Group Rename: Rename the group to something else. Group Flag [Public/Private]: Flag the group public or private. The default setting is private. Public groups can be seen by anyone in 'group list'. Private groups can only be seen by members and people who have been invited to join the group. Group Related Notes ------------------- * A 'kill' is only counted when the group leader is in the room - this is intentional. A kill is also only counted when it gives experience to the player who deals the final blow - charging through newbie areas to rack up kill counts will not work. * Following yourself does not remove you from a group - use 'group leave' to leave a group completely. * The group channel will alert everyone in the group every 6 seconds if a group member is fighting and falls below 40% health. * Groups save through copyovers and copyover-crashes (but not full reboots or hard crashes).
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Syntax: cast gate 'target' cast gate 'blue devil' cast gate ' name' cast gate ' devil' cast gate beacon <beacon id> Multi-argument target names must be in single quotes. The gate spell is a powerful transportation magic that opens up a portal between your character and another person or creature somewhere else in the world. This portal will transport you and any pet you might have, but not other members of your group. Monsters recieve a save against gate, and monster or players more than 50 levels higher than you can not be gated to at all. God rooms, private rooms, and no recall rooms cannot be gated to, and no recall rooms cannot be gated out of. Finally, any god is also immune to gate, as well as players who have nosummon set. Syntax: cast 'group gate' 'target' cast gate 'blue devil' cast 'group gate' ' name' cast 'group gate' ' devil' cast 'group gate' beacon <beacon id> Multi-argument target names must be in single quotes. The group gate spell is identical to the gate spell; however, it allows you to gate to a target and have your current group follow you through your gate. Note that all restrictions that gate has also apply to members in your party when you group gate, so some players might not be able to gate to your target. Note that if you are married to the person you are gating to, you can still gate to them even if they are over 50 levels higher than you. It is impossible to use any teleport skill or spell while violent. It is also impossible to gate to quest, expedition, or global quest targets.
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Helpfile keywords: group healing
Syntax: cast 'group healing' This spell is somewhat like the mass healing spell, except that it is much stronger and one can cast it during battle. It will heal all members of the current party, including the caster. It also heals familiars. Main stat: Wisdom.
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Helpfile keywords: group defense
Syntax: cast 'group defense' Through the power of their God, Clerics can create protective magics around themselves and those in their group. It will cast 'shield' and 'armor' on everyine in the group. It will also give some damroll.
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