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Syntax: keep <item> unkeep <item> keep all unkeep all keep all.<item> unkeep all.<item> With the keep command, you can flag items as 'kept'. Then you can type 'drop all' to clean up your inventory without dropping important items. Kept items cannot be given to other players until the flag has been removed. To remove the 'keep' flag, use the 'unkeep' command. Kept items have a (K) flag on them. Keep/unkeep ignores items that you can't see.
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Crimson Keep Party Quest is not recommended for those below hero level. PK is not possible in this area. CKPQ is a group questing area filled with tasks and challenges. In order to enter the area, there must be a Cleric, Gaian, Warrior, Thief, Mage, Psionicist, and Archer in the leader's group. If there is a player with 2 classes, for example Mage/Warrior, s/he will count as both classes. Leaders of CKPQ should choose their members wisely, for if anyone dies during the quest, the mission fails. There are 6 stages of the party quest and a one minute long bonus stage at the end of each successful party quest run. Stage 1: The Maze. Find the correct portal that will lead you to the exit room of the maze and allow you to move on to stage 2. Stage 2: Friends or Fiends? In this stage, you will first want to go down to the Room of Sacrifices where a Hooded Figure will greet you. He asks you to bring him sacrificial bodies. Your party members will be asked to choose between freeing poor, helpless souls from jail cells or killing them. Stage 3: Ballroom of Dancing Souls Each class will have a sigil which must be activated. To activate the sigils, each class will need to kill orbs in the ballroom of dancing souls until their class's orb drops. Once each class has 6 of their respective orbs, the sigils can be activated. Once all sigils are activated, the Crimson Keep Spirit will give the leader a key and your party can move on to the next stage. Stage 4: Bell Tower Stirges In the 4th stage, your party will be asked to trust the not-so-trustworthy Jack. He will lift everyone to the top of a tower where an old bell hangs. Jack will decide not to hang around long after bringing everyone to the top of the tower, however, and your party will be forced to ring the old bell for help. "Help" is summoned in the form of nasty stirges. Your party will need to make its way through the stirges to the end of the hall, where you will be taken to the next stage. Stage 5: Test of Strength There is a hallway with 6 doors, 3 on the left, 3 on the right. Each class will enter their corresponding room and follow the guide of the statue. The statue will test the strength of the one who enters by presenting him or her with a powerful Crimson Guardian. Each guardian will drop an important item. The items must be gathered and dropped on the floor in the altar room. Once all items are dropped, someone must offer the items as a sacrifice--this will create a portal to the final stage. Stage 6: Boss Time Jack will conveniently arrive at the beginning of this last stage--not to help your party, but to watch and hope that your party will be slaughtered. Only the leader will be able to speak with Jack to summon the Legendary Guardians. The party must continue to slaughter the guardians until one of them drops the key to the door of Legends. After entering the door of Legends, the real battle begins. Each boss will drop a unique item tailored to Cleric, Gaian, Warrior, Thief, Mage, Psionicist, and Archer. Once all stages have been successfully completed, the party will enter the bonus stage. Important Notes: If a party member disconnects while in this area, he or she will re-log into the game at recall. If there is an Immortal online, simply ask to have this party member transferred back to the stage.
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Syntax: toggle keepalive <1-3600 seconds> <custom keepalive message> The keepalive toggle exists to help you stay online if your connection drops when your MUD client doesn't receive any output. The custom message you enter will be sent to your screen after the number of seconds you set for this toggle. Once you've been idle for the amount of time you specify, your keepalive message will be sent to your screen. Idle means that you have not typed anything nor do you have any pending commands in your command queue. Once you have set a custom message, you do not need to re-enter the message the next time you turn on this toggle. The seconds and message you enter are saved in your player file for your convenience.
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