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Syntax: event list event info <event number> event join <event number> event quit <event number> event rsvp <event number> event create event name <event numbe> <name> event date <event number> <month> <day> event time <event number> <hour> <minute> event reward participants <event number> event reward host <event number> event description <event number> event duration <event number> <minutes> event submit <event number> event cancel <event number> event delete <event number> event type <event number> <type> (Imm-Only) event recurring <event number> (Imm-Only) event rday <event number> <day of week> (Imm-Only) event approve <event number> (Imm-Only) event reject <event number> (Imm-Only) All recurring, one-time-only, and archived game events can be found using the 'event list' command. There are automated events which recur each week, and imm-run or player-run events which occur at a specified time and date. The event list is organized by date and time, with the beginning of the week starting with Sunday. Displayed times are all in the CEST time zone and are displayed using a 00:00- to 23:00-hour clock. An asterisk will appear next to your name on the event list if you are hosting the event. When an event is being held, it will be displayed as 'In Progress' on the event list, and the host will have an <Event Host> flag next to his or her name on the who screen. If a host must cancel an event, the event will be displayed as such on the event list for 3 days before it is automatically removed from the list. While it is not necessary, rsvping to events is helpful for the event host to know approximately how many people will be attending the event. If no one rsvps, the host may decide to cancel the event. To rsvp, use the syntax 'event rsvp <event number>'. If you decide you don't want to attend or cannot attend, you can use the same syntax to remove yourself from the list of rsvp'd players. It isn't possible to rsvp to recurring events, as these events will take place regardless of how many players will be attending. Once you have rsvp'd to an event, an asterisk will appear next to the event name. If you would like to host your own event, you can create a new event and submit it for review. If it is approved, it will be listed as such on the event list and the event will take place at the date and time of your choosing. By hosting an event, you can request a reward of your choosing. It is suggested to list two rewards that you would like in case one of the rewards is rejected by the Imm who approves your event. You can also specify what kind of rewards the participants should receive. It is generally a good idea to come up with rewards for first, second, and third places. See the bottom of the helpfile for host and participant reward ideas. In order to submit an event, you must fill out all required information (event duration, host and participant reward ideas, time and date, name of the event, and a short description of what kind of event it will be. The name field should be short but descriptive, for example 'MUD Trivia'. Please submit an event at least two days before the date of the event to give time for an Immortal to review and approve the event. Once the event has been submitted for reviewing, it cannot be modified by anyone but an Immortal. When the event is finished, we encourage you to post a note on the events board with the event results and to update the results on the event listing using the syntax 'event results <event number>'. The 'mudevent' channel can be used as the form of communication during the event. If you require the assistance of an Immortal during your event, please write this in the event description. Reward ideas for hosts and participants are not limited to the following: Item or pet restring token, worldin/worldout restring token, bag capacity increase, item rune slot increase, rune of any stat type, a master rune, gold, questpoints, mudpies, increased damage on a weapon (called pumped weapon damage). Some events do not need to be manually joined in order to participate. If you need to use 'event join <event number>' to take part, you will be notified when the event begins. To convert the time listed on 'event' list to your local time, you can do so at
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