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Helpfile keywords: open close lock unlock pick
Syntax: open <object or direction> Syntax: close <object or direction> Syntax: lock <object or direction> Syntax: unlock <object or direction> Syntax: pick <object or direction> OPEN and CLOSE open and close an objecta door. LOCK and UNLOCK lock and unlock a closed object or door. You must have the requisite key to do so. PICK can open a lock without having the key. In order to PICK successfully, you must practice the appropriate skill.
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Helpfile keywords: channel unlock
Syntax: @ unlock <channel name> <password> A channel which is private and passworded can only be viewed and chatted on by unlocking it or being given access to the channel. If over the course of time the channel's password changes, all players who have joined the channel will need to unlock the channel again in order to chat on it, unless they have been granted unlimited access.
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Helpfile keywords: magic unlock
Syntax: cast 'magic unlock' <direction, container, portal> Cooldown: 15 minutes This spell is used by members of the Luminati house to magically unlock doors, containers, and portals.
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