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Helpfile keywords: flee command
Syntax: flee Once you start a fight, you can't just walk away from it. If the fight is not going well, you can attempt to FLEE, or another character can RESCUE you. You can also attempt to RECALL or, if you have the spell, you can cast 'word of recall'. Fleeing and recalling out of combat cause experience loss, but rescuing someone or casting 'word of recall' do not cost experience. Many mobs have memories and will attempt to track you down to take their revenge. One is able to flee through a door as long as they are affected by pass door and the door itself is not a NOPASS door. Thieves are especially adept at fleeing and do not lose experience when they flee. Fleeing will force all your familiars to exit combat and follow you out of the room.
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Helpfile keywords: fleetfoot
Syntax: fleetfoot Thieves are able to speed up their footwork to help them parry incoming attacks. As the Thief becomes more adept in this skill, they will be able to parry more often.
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