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Helpfile keywords: areas command
Syntax: areas areas <level> areas <lower level> <upper level> areas <full or partial keyword> The areas command lists all reachable areas in the world, their level ranges sorted from lowest to highest, and the creators of the areas. Sorting the list with one level argument such as 'areas 10' will display all areas which are within a range of -5 to +5 of the desired level. For example 'areas 25' will list areas between levels 20-30. Typing 'areas 30 40' will display areas with a lower level between 25-35 and an upper level between 35-50. This flexible level range allows for a more accurate list of areas that your character will benefit from training in. To search for an area with a full or partial keyword, use the syntax 'areas <keyword>'. Typing 'areas ch', for example, will list any areas that have 'ch' prefixing any words in the area name (The 36 Chambers of Death, Chaos House Hall).
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