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Syntax: equipment (<slot>) inventory (<item type>) inventory (<item keyword>) inventory reorder <item> (<position>) The equipment command lists anything you are wearing. Typing equipment with an argument such as 'equipment head' will display the item, if there is one, worn in that particular slot. The inventory command lists any visible items in your inventory. It is possible to use the inventory command with an argument, such as 'inventory weapon'. This will display any visible items of that item type in your inventory (including inside bags). The syntax is the same if you want to search for an item in particular, such as 'inventory ancient'. This will display any items in your inventory (and in bags) with the keyword ancient. Both syntaxes will tell you which container the item is inside as well. This command will not display items stowed in your locker. The 'inventory reorder' syntax will move an item to a different position in your inventory. Typing 'inventory reorder sword' would move the sword to the top of your inventory. If you wanted to move it to the third position, the syntax would be 'inventory reorder sword 3'.
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Helpfile keywords: oflags object item flags extra heal_level glow conceal
explosive etched coat nogive display nolocate rotdeath
nocount nodrop meltdrop noremove nouncurse visdeath nonmetal
inventory sellextract nosell meltquit noshare auto_extract
autoextract extract

Objects often have flags before their name. Here is a list of the long and short versions of each object flag and a definition. (Bless) (B): Blessed items are more resistant to burn, cold, acid, and shock effects. They can also not be poisoned or envenomed. (Conceal) (C): These objects cannot be located with the 'locate object' spell. (Evil) (E): These items cannot be cursed. (Glow) (G): These objects can be seen and interacted with in dark rooms. (Hidden) (H): Hidden objects must be discovered through the 'search' command. (Hum) (H): These objects can be seen and interacted with when blinded in a dark room. (Invis) (I): True Sight is needed to see invisible items. (Dark) (D): Darkvision is necessary to see these items. (Kept) (K): Items flagged as kept cannot be dropped. Help keep. (Magic) (M): An item gets this flag when enchant weapon is cast upon it. (Own) (O): Objects which are owned by players. Help owned. (Explosive) (X): NPC corpses which a necromancer have made explosive are flagged as such. See help corpse explosion. (Quest) (Q): These are quest objects which can be sold in questpoint shops for half its value. [etched]: This flag appears to the right of the object's short description if it is armor that has been damaged by acid. See help etched. Other object flags: Auto_extract: When items flagged as auto_extract are sold to shopkeepers, any runes bound with the item will automatically be extracted free of cost and returned to the seller. The item being sold will be destroyed thereafter. Runes are also extracted upon sacrificing or destroying the item. Heal_level: Restore the wearer to full health upon gaining a level. This flag can be added to any item with the mudpie option 'healflag'. Antigood: Good players cannot wear these items. Antievil: Evil players cannot wear these items. Antineutral: Neutral players cannot wear these items. Coat: Protects against cold-flagged rooms that wound you. Help warmth. Nogive: Some items are flagged as 'nogive', which means you cannot give them to mobiles or players and you cannot put nogive items in bags (unless the bag itself is flagged as nogive). It is possible to put nogive items inside lockers. To flag an item as nogive, use the addflag command. Noshare: Items flagged as 'noshare' cannot be transferred between characters within the same account (see help legends sharing). Redeemable: Objects with this flag can be redeemed for questpoints. The amount of questpoints is the item's gold cost. Display: Items with this flag are only on display in shops and cannot be purchased. Nolocate: These items cannot be located by magical means. Nocount: These items don't count towards your total items carried. Nodonate: These items cannot be donated with the 'donate' command. Rotdeath: Items with this flag will disappear when you die. Item cannot be obtained by killing a monster but rather through stealing it. Nodrop: Items flagged as nodrop can't be dropped on the floor, put inside bags (unless the bag is flagged as nouncurse and nodrop), sent to others using the 'send' command or transported to others using the transport spell, and can't be sold to shopkeepers. The remove curse spell removes the nodrop flag from an item, as long as the item is not also flagged as nouncurse. Meltdrop: The item will 'melt' when a player drops it. In other words, the item will disappear when dropped. Noremove: These items can't be removed once worn, unless 'remove curse' is cast upon the item (or one uses 'heal curse' at a healer npc). If the item is also flagged as nouncurse, the item can never be removed. Nouncurse: Items with this flag cannot have the 'noremove' flag removed. Once an item with nouncurse and noremove are worn, it can never be removed. Visdeath: These items cannot be seen until the npc dies. Nonmetal: Items flagged as nonmetal are immune to the 'heat metal' spell. Inventory: Weapons with this flag can be disarmed but the item does not leave your inventory. Inventory-flagged items cannot be stolen. Sellextract: Items with this flag cannot be haggled down in price in shops. Item will not show up in the shopkeeper's shop once sold. Nosell: Item cannot be sold to shopkeepers. Meltquit: Cannot be put in bags or lockers. Item will disappear when you quit.
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