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Syntax: mults (or res, vuln, imm) This command displays any resistances, vulnerabilities, immunities, and any other modifiers character may have. It displays the percent resistant or vulnerable--this number includes buff, equipment, and racial modifiers). --- The math behind this command --- Resistances and vulnerabilities are multiplicative and not additive. For example you have: 50% resistance to fire from one object, 20% resistance to fire from another object, 30% resistance to fire racial property. If it was additive it would result in 100% resistance to fire and therefore an immunity. But it is multiplicative and therefore result in 72% total resistance to fire. So let us assume you get 200 damage dealt to you by a fire spell before resistances. The first item (50%) reduces damage to 100. The second item (20%) now reduces the damage to 80. The racial property (30%) now reduces the damage to 56. In the end instead of 200 damage we get only 56 which is exactly 28%. The same goes for vulnerabilities. For example you have: vulnerability to fire from an object 50% and vulnerability to fire from racial property 10%. This will result in a total vulnerability to fire of 65%. If you have a resistance to fire of 10% but also a vulnerabilitiy to fire of 10% your total resistance will be 1% and of course you cannot have a total resistance and a total vulnerability to the same damage type at the same time (you are either resistant or vulnerable). So in this case this command will show a resistance to fire of 1% and will not show fire as a vulnerability.
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