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Syntax: sell <object> sell *all* (<container>) sell <amount>*<object> The sell command sells an item to a shopkeeper. Most items sell back for half of the original cost of the item. Drink and food sell back for 10% of their original price, jewelry sells back for 80% its cost, and treasures sell back at full price. Quest items can only be sold at questpoint shopkeepers and will sell back for half their original cost. Shopkeepers will only accept an item if they themselves sell that item type. Typing 'sell *all*' will sell all items in your inventory, not including quest items, keep items, nogive items, etc. Bags which contain items must be emptied before being sold. If you type 'sell *all* <container>', it will sell everything inside of the container, with the exception of the above listed items (quest, keep, etc). Syntax: value <object> The value command asks the shopkeeper how much he, she, or it will buy the item for. This does not include extra gold earned through the haggle skill.
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