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Syntax: bind <rune> <object> bind <clean slate rune> <other rune> bind <rune> <rune enhancer> Runes are magically imbued with different attributes such as dexterity, wisdom, hitpoints, mana, and saves, among others. They can be obtained by completing missions, purchasing them in shops, many of which are hidden, exchanging coins at the Colosseum, among other ways. A maximum of 15 runes total can be bound with an item. If a rune is flagged as noshare or nodrop, nouncurse, and nogive, binding will flag the item also as such. You will be prompted with a warning to confirm your decision before the rune is bound. It is not possible to bind runes to someone else's item if their item has the owned flag. The different rune types ------------------------ The normal rune. This kind of rune will transfer any attributes it has directly to the object it binds with, given that the binding is successful. The chaos rune. If you have a chaos rune with 10 dexterity and bind it successfully with an object, it will transfer the dexterity to the object with a range of -5 to +5 dexterity, this meaning the object could end up with 15 dexterity max or 5 dexterity minimum or somewhere inbetween. If the chaos rune gives AC, the range is -2 to +2. The clean slate rune. These are special runes which can be bound with other runes to remove any slot requirements. For example, if you have a chaos rune that will destroy a rune slot on an object during the binding process, you can bind the clean slate rune with it to prevent the slot from being destroyed. All objects have a default of 5 rune slots, meaning that you can bind up to 5 runes on the item. Some items have more slots while others have less. The master rune. This is a precious rune that is usually extremely difficult to bind. When successful, it will clear out some or all used slots on the item. It does not remove any stats from the item. Will binding a rune to an item always work? ------------------------------------------- Not all runes have a binding success rate of 100%. Some runes are very tricky and may have as low as a 1% chance rate to bind to an object. Some runes may even destroy the object it binds with if it fails so horribly. Be sure to LORE a rune before using it on an item. Many runes will not take up a rune slot on your item if it fails to bind. This information is also available on lore. If a rune causes your item to shatter, the item can be restored once using the faux command. See the luck helpfile for how you can increase your binding success. Armor Runes ----------- Armor runes will add AC (armor class) to equipment that is armor.
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Helpfile keywords: extraction runes extractrune unbind
Syntax: extractrune <object> confirm extractrune <object> cost This command will allow you to recover all runes from an item, including master runes. You will receive half the cost of questpoints for the item if it is a quest item. If it has a redeemable flag, you will receive the cost of the item in questpoints. Once the runes have been stripped from the object and given to you, the object itself will be destroyed. The success of runes returned to you is 100%. The cost to extract runes from an object is 20k gold * the number of runes and 2 mudpie * the number of runes. To see how much it will cost you to recover runes from an item, type 'extractrune <object> cost'. The purpose of this command is to retrieve runes from an object which you no longer wish to use. It is not possible to extract runes from an item which is owned by someone else.
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