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Syntax: legend status legend confirm Legend is the max mortal level of 151. If one of your main classes is legend level, you can benefit from the advantages and spells listed below. In order to become legend, you must be targeting the desired class. See help 'class cmd'. Experience is boosted by 300% for 30 minutes when a player reaches Legend status. Requirements: Level 150 (Hero) : 1,000,000 gold : 2,500 spendable faux levels : 15,000 questpoints : See below for requirements to re-legend Advantages : Raises overall skill/spell damage by 2% : 10% more experience gained per kill : A bonus of +15 qps for completing a quest or expedition : Able to eat/drink/quaff 2x as fast : Junkyard quest is available : Free who string : 5% higher spell resistance : 5% higher damage resistance : Pet's base damage is increased by 50% : 10% higher gold dropped from mob kills : 10% higher damage done against NPCs : Faux leveling is still available : Max trained stats raised to 500 and max total stats 1500 : Chance to receive 1 prac per faux level : Can gain 500 EXP per kill instead of 400 with XP mods. : Higher Hardcore Mode questpoint perks : Higher heal rate with energy drain : Higher damroll for certain skills (frenzy, berserk, dark gift) : Significantly higher chance than level 150 to obtain sigil : +1 Sigil slot for each slot type : +10 to your legend class's main stat : Purchasable skills and spells (see below) : Ability to unlock sharing currencies and items (see below) Spells : Locate object : Detect location : Awakening : Shield Block : Deter : Other spells and skills.... If you have reached Legend status at least once, the cost to reach legend status again is at a reduced cost. See below: Requirements: Level 150 (Hero) : 50,000 gold : 1,000 questpoints : 100 spendable faux levels Class-specific skills, spells, and abilities: Psionicist : Alter Rune spell Transmogrify spell Necromancer: Lich Touch spell Warrior : Can wield shield with two-handed weapon Shield Block skill Cleric : Rejuvenate spell Thief : Chance to do multiple backstabs (see help backstab) Explode Gaian : Elemental Infusion Archer : Ballistic Arrows Illusionist: Armor Roulette Mage : Fortify Item Witch : Lock gaze Skills and spells that can be unlocked: Gate : 500k gold, 150 faux levels. Unlocked in Witch's Wood. Repair : 500k gold, 150 faux levels. Unlocked in Stone Forge. Once unlocked, these abilities will automatically be learned to 100%. If you restart, you will not need to unlock them again but must reach the minimum level requirement to use them. Sharing: With the faux command, you can enable sharing gold, questpoints, mudpies, and items between characters in the same account. Items flagged as nogive or noshare can't be transferred between characters, and PermaDeath characters can't withdraw money from the shared accounts (but can still deposit). Once sharing is enabled, the worth command will list your shared currencies. The deposit and withdraw commands can be used to store and retrieve shared currencies. To share items with your alts, use the post command. The cost to enable sharing is 5000 questpoints, 100000 gold, and 50 faux levels. If a Legend restarts, this perk stays intact.
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