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Players never drop corpses; not in PK and not in NPC combat. This means players do not lose items upon death (unless they are flagged as 'rotdeath', which means they will disappear when you die). When your character dies, you are transported to a hospital in Hillock Hills or in your house hall, if you are in a house that has such a room. Upon death, you lose 2% of all gold that has not been put in the bank, but you will not lose more than 1000 gold. You also lose 20% of your total amount of experience while targeting a main class and 500,000 experience if targeting a subclass. You will never lose enough to make you lose a level. For 15 minutes after dying, you will be in a ghost mode, where you will have a chance to regain the lost gold and a portion of the experience if there is a cleric available with the resurrection spell. However, if you attack a monster while ghosted, your body will solidify and the resurrection spell will no longer work. To see if a player can be resurrected, he or she will have (Ghost) next to his or her name in a room. All cooldowns are cleared upon death.
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Helpfile keywords: mob deaths tolls
There are many positives to just grinding and gaining levels. However, there is one positive in particular that could very well be the best of them all! With each 2000 mobs killed throughout the world, there are 30 minutes of doubled experience. Whoever kills the 2000th mob receives a reward in questpoints! Note that the mob death will not go up if you kill mobs more than 15 levels lower than your character's level.
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Helpfile keywords: 36 death chambers of death chambers death
The 36 Chambers of Death is a perilous journey for all adventurers, especially to those of a significant lower caliber than that of higher end warriors and spellcasters. Each chamber contains its own void of insanity, and is equipped with a well prepared fighter.
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Helpfile keywords: death knell
Syntax: cast 'death knell' <victim> This spell rings out the mournful sound of a bell as the Cleric calls upon Death itself to come claim the victim. As the victim gets closer to death, the bell rings louder and Death sucks the life out of the victim with more power. Main stat: Wisdom Damage: Negative
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Helpfile keywords: trick death
When a mobile is affected by trick death, it has temporary immunity to death, meaning that if its hitpoints go down to 0, it will be restored to full health and the immunity effect will wear off. This spell does not work on players. To see if your familiar is affected by anything, you can use 'affect <familiar name>'. This spell cannot be cast on normal monsters, it can only be cast on familiars.
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Helpfile keywords: soften death
Syntax: cast 'soften death' Soften death is a buff given to the house of Healers. It protects those affected by it from the harshness of death. While affected by it, you do not lose your buffs, experience, or gold when you die. Your equipment stays worn and you are restored back to full health and stripped of ailments after dying. When you die, this buff is removed from your effects and you are given a soften death cooldown of 20 minutes. During this time you and no other caster can cast this spell on you until the cooldown period is over with.
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Helpfile keywords: death guard
Syntax: cast 'death guard' Death guard is a self-cast, protective spell. If in battle your health goes down to or below 0, this buff will protect you from dying in that it restores your health by 15%. There is no cooldown upon casting this spell. However, if you die, the buff will be stripped and you will be given a cooldown equal to your level. This spell protects you from dying against both monsters and players. PermaDeath players cannot use this spell.
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Helpfile keywords: death latch
Syntax: cast 'death latch' This is a self-cast spell available only to members of the house of Doom. When affected by it, monsters are not able to flee from you, and players have a 50% chance to flee successfully. If they fail, you will latch onto them and disable them from fleeing for 2 seconds.
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Helpfile keywords: death aura
Syntax: cast 'death aura' (<target>) This Necromancer spell lends protection against damage, both physical and magical. The amount of resistance to damage depends on the caster's proficiency in death aura. This spell may be cast upon undead pets and Necromancers.
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Helpfile keywords: death door
Syntax: cast 'death door' Death door is a self-cast spell and one of the culminations of the Necromancer's craft: mastery over death. While affected by this spell, if the caster is slain, he is instead resurrected with half hitpoints and mana in the hospital and loses only half the experience caused by death. Because this spell takes great concentration, it expends half of the caster's hitpoints and 500 mana. Upon death, a cooldown equal to your level*2 in minutes is applied.
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Helpfile keywords: death field
Syntax: cast 'death field' Death field is a room attack spell that when cast emits a black haze from the Necromancer's body and attacks everything in the room. It has a chance to deal a second attack. Main stat: Constitution. Damage type: Negative.
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Helpfile keywords: focus death
Syntax: cast 'focus death' < or pet name> Voodooists can intensify the power of an undead pet through the casting of focus death. It increases the pet's damroll, the amount of which is based on the spell proficiency, and casts haste upon them.
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Helpfile keywords: circle of death
Syntax: cast 'circle of death' With this spell, Voodooists conjure up a burning black circle of death. When a mobile dies within the circle, it is resurrected immediately from the dead and attacks its killer. The mobile will be resurrected if the original caster, a party member, or a pet kills it. The original caster must be in the same room for this spell to work. The mobile's strength and health is based on the Voodooist's skill proficiency. 50% Proficiency 100% Proficiency --------------- ---------------- Mob level -10 Mob's original level Mob's original hp Mob's hp -20% Mob's original damage Mob's damage -20% Once a mobile has been resurrected, it will disappear after 30 minutes if not slain. The mobile loaded is not an exact copy of the original (the triggers on the original mob, if any, will not be attached to the resurrected version).
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Helpfile keywords: death clutch
Syntax: automatic When an enemy is close to death, a Witch may thrust their fist inside the enemy's chest cavity and brutally rip out their heart, resulting in immediate death. This skill works on monsters who are no more than 10 levels above you, and the chance to successfully tear the heart out depends on the mastery in this skill and the difficulty of the monster. Boss monsters must be below 5% hitpoints and normal monsters below 40%. Some monsters are immune to death clutch.
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