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Syntax: mission - To see all missions you've started mission start <vnum> - To start a mission mission info <vnum> - To see a progress reminder mission complete <vnum> - To finish a mission mission nearby - To see all missions in the area mission all - To see all the missions in the world mission list - To see missions in the room mission done - To see missions you've completed The mission command without any arguments will display any missions you've started but have yet to complete. If you are inactive for a period of time and can't remember where you left off, the 'mission info <vnum>' command will give you an idea of what to do next. Some missions are not 'public', which means they aren't listed using this command and you must discover them through other means. The numbers listed next to mission names are in no particular order - they represent the number of the mission. A * next to the mission name means the mission can be repeated. The level listed for each mission is only a suggested level, not a requirement to start the mission. Starting and completing missions isn't always possible with this command. Sometimes a mission will require you to respond to the monster by saying yes, for example, or nodding your head. Typing 'mission info <vnum>' is always a good idea as it will sometimes give you a list of items you need to collect or monsters you need to kill, et cetera. Typing 'mission info <vnum>' after you have completed repeatable mission will let you know the next time you can repeat it.
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