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For character aliases, use the 'alias' syntax. Syntax: alias alias <word> alias <word> <substitution> unalias <word> For account-wide aliases, use 'galias' syntax. Syntax: galias galias <word> galias <word> <substitution> ungalias <word> The alias command allows limited shortening of command names. At this time, aliases cannot call other aliases, and cannot generate more than one command. Alias by itself lists your current aliases, Alias <word> lists the alias with that name (if such exist), and alias with both a word and and argument produces a new alias. You cannot alias either alias or unalias to a new command. The galias command will add an account-wide alias which may be used on all characters in your account. If you add the same account-wide alias as an alias your character has, it will always choose the character's alias over the account-wide one. To remove an account-wide alias, use 'ungalias <word>'. Examples of use: alias gc get all corpse --> typing gc will equal typing 'get all corpse' alias ff cast 'fireball' --> ff orc will equal 'cast 'fireball' orc' Only the first word on the line will be substituted at this time.
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