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Syntax: restart <class> <'race name'> confirm restart archer 'crystal dragon' confirm The restart command gives a player the chance to reboot their character, starting back at level 1 with the same or new FIRST class only, meaning that if the player has a second class, it will be removed when the player restarts. It is possible to restart with a new tier 0 race or continue playing with your current race, even if it is tier 1. Skill and spell proficiencies (with the exception of specially unlocked abilities such as those purchased by Legends), hitpoints and mana, stats, house points, practices, and trains are all reset to what they were when the character was first created. Questpoints spent on purchasing trains at a questmaster are returned to the player. All familiars that the player has will explode and any items the familiars were carrying will appear inside individual bags in the player's inventory. Restarting a character will not reset your questpoints, gold, hours played, total exp gained, etc. It only resets the above mentioned things. It is possible to restart as the same first class you currently have if you are unhappy with the choices you've made thus far.
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