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Helpfile keywords: helpfile system
Syntax: help <keyword> To find a helpfile, type 'help <keyword>'. If there are multiple helpfile entries for the keyword you enter, you can narrow your search by typing 'help #.keyword'. For example 'help'.
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Helpfile keywords: helpers
Those flagged as (Helper) are players who have volunteered to assist newbies. They answer questions and give hints but do not give solutions to missions. To see who online is a Helper, type 'who helper'. If there are none online, try asking your question on the Newbie channel (newbie <text>). In order to become a helper, a player must have reached Hero level once, have a good understanding of how the game works, pledge to answer questions in a sincere and helpful manner, and have a non-aggressive personality. Please contact Aelyn on the personal board if you wish to become a Helper. If you are a Helper and need some time off or are currently too busy to assist other players, you can easily hide your Helper flag with 'toggle helper'. To chat with other Helpers, use the Helper channel (helper <text>).
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