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Helpfile keywords: helpfile system
Syntax: help <keyword> To find a helpfile, type 'helpfile <keyword>'. If there are multiple helpfile entries for the keyword you enter, you can narrow your search by typing 'help #.keyword'. For example 'help'.
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Helpfile keywords: helpers
Those flagged as helpers on the who list are players who have volunteered to assist new players. They answer questions but do not give solutions to missions. Type 'who helper' to see a list of available online helpers. If you do not see any online, you can also ask your question on the newbie channel. In order to become a helper, a player must have reached at least level 100, have a good understanding of how the game works, show a desire to help others, and be NPK, with a non-aggressive personality. Helpers have a personal channel where they are able to chat with other helpers around the mud. Syntax: helper <text> Helpers have their own private channel where they can chat with one another. If you wish to become a helper, please contact Maya on the personal board.
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