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Your character advances in power by gaining experience. You gain experience points by killing monsters or being part of a group that kills monsters (and in the same room). You lose experience points by fleeing from combat, recalling out of combat, and dying. If you do not wish to obtain experience type 'toggle noexp'. To see your experience to level quickly, type 'score exp' or make an alias so when you type 'exp' it displays your tnl. The experience you get from a kill depends on how many players are in your group and your level versus the level of the monster. - There are 151 attainable mortal levels, 150 being the Hero level and 151 Legend. - The amount of EXP per level starts at 50k and increases to 150k by hero. - EXP per faux level is 10,000. - EXP per subclass level is as follows: L. 2: 1.5m EXP L. 3: 2.25m EXP L. 4: 3.375m EXP L. 5: 5.063 EXP L. 6: 7.6m EXP L. 7: 11.4m EXP L. 8: 17.086m EXP L. 9: 25.628m EXP L.10: 38.443m EXP - Some equipment has experience modifiers which will increase the amount of EXP gained. Help 'crystals' and 'Monster Colosseum'. - Good aligned characters receive an EXP bonus for killing neutral npcs and a slightly larger bonus for killing evil npcs. - Evil aligned characters receive an EXP bonus for killing neutral npcs and a slightly larger bonus for killing good npcs. - Neutral aligned characters receive a bonus from killing good and evil npcs. - You do not receive experience from monsters more than 10 levels below you. - There is an incentive for killing monsters higher level than you. However, the experience increase stops when monsters are more than 10 levels higher than you.
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Syntax: toggle noexp Often an adventurer wants to explore the world and be able to quest and kill without gaining levels. This command will toggle the character so that no experience is awarded for anything. Note that you will STILL lose experience when you flee, die, etc.
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Syntax: cast 'redirect experience' This spell is available to the house of Healers and is permanently unlocked. While affected by it, other party members in the same room as you will gain 10% more experience per mob kill while you gain 10% less. This does not mean your party members get 10% of your experience, only that they gain 10% more of their own experience. For your help, you are rewarded with house points (you earn 2x the house points a Slayer or Newbie would earn for killing a monster). In order for you to gain house points, at least one other member in the party must not be affected by this spell and needs to earn experience from the kill (the noexp toggle can, however, be turned off). To remove this effect from your character, simply cast the spell again.
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