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NPK stands for non player-killing, AKA peaceful players. NPK house members cannot attack other players outside of the Arena or during a war. No real PK losses are dealt upon dying in the Arena or during war. PK stands for player-killing, and allows players to fight anywhere in the world except for in safe rooms. PK players do not drop a corpse when they are killed by another player but the killer receives any gold the victim has not banked. If you kill someone who has a bounty on his head, you will receive this bounty as a reward. Players also receive PK trophies in the form of shrunken heads. Attacking another player will give you and your victim a VIOLENT flag. With this flag neither of you can recall. The flag on the killer lasts for 10 ticks and the victim's flag lasts for 5 ticks. There are certain areas where it is impossible to attack other players. For example, the Colosseum, CKPQ, Labyrinth Duo Quest, Drunk Races, and Red Light.
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Helpfile keywords: kill murder attack
Syntax: kill <target name> kill blue devil kill mob kill 2.mob kill target/qt (used for quest targets) kill qt murder <target> murder blue devil Typing more than one argument will help you target the intended monster when you are in a room with targets that have similar names. You can also use the word mob or #.mob, such as 'kill mob' or 'kill 2.mob'. For quest targets, you can use 'kill target' or 'kill qt' for short. This is the simplest way to initiate combat with your opponent. 'kill' will start combat, which continues until either of you is dead, has fled or something else has happened. When meeting new monsters, it is generally thought wise to 'consider' them before fighting; see 'help consider'. You may not always want to kill the first instance of a monster in the room; see 'help targeting' to learn how to target different monsters.
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Helpfile keywords: contracted killer
Syntax: automatic As Mercenaries are known for successfully fulfilling quest and expedition contracts in return for rewards and wealth, they usually have to wait for a shorter period of time to get employed again by a quest- or expedition-giver. The more often Mercenaries complete their contracts, the more acknowledgment they receive from contractors, leading to shorter waiting periods between quests and expeditions. When a quest or expedition is failed, the waiting period is also slightly decreased. This skill automatically has a chance to increase upon successful completion of a quest or expedition.
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Helpfile keywords: killsurge
Syntax: automatic With this ability, the Diabolist fuels their demon familiar with malice and the desire to inflict suffering upon others, increasing the demon's hitpoints, damroll, and resistance to damage. This skill will automatically have a chance to increase when the demon is in battle in the same room as the Diabolist. The higher this skill has been learned, the stronger the spell will be. When the skill proficiency increases, the effects on the demon will also be increased automatically. If you switch subclasses, the killsurge effect will be stripped from the demon. Once you switch back, the effect will be automatically re-added to your demon.
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