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Syntax: quest info quest points quest time quest bonus quest request quest complete quest fail quest list quest buy quest sell quest convert quest increase quest upgrade quest repair Questmasters such as the one east from recall send players on quests to kill mobs or to find objects. You are given a time limit and if you do not complete the quest within the limit you will automatically fail the quest and cannot request another one for 5 minutes. If you choose to fail your quest or if you run out of time, you will only have to wait 3 minutes to ask for another one. Note that quest timers do not decrease in the pause room. Rewards are given in questpoints and gold and sometimes practices and MUDpies. Multiclass players receive slightly higher rewards and Legends receive a significantly higher reward. Questpoints are also scaled. The higher level your character is, the more questpoints you will earn. If you complete your quest in thirty seconds or less, you will double your reward. If you complete the quest in under your bonus timer, you will receive a fifty percent increase in your rewards. If you are in the same group as someone while they are questing, you reap a small portion of the questpoints when they complete quests. The questor himself does not lose questpoints while having you in the group. If you have an item of type QUEST, you are able to turn that in to a questmaster and be rewarded with questpoints. The amount of questpoints is based on the cost of the item. The only way to receive credit for killing a quest target is by killing the target yourself. If grouped and a group member kills the target, you will not receive credit. Remember to always quaff a potion of true sight before beginning a quest. Your quest target may be invisible to you otherwise. You cannot gate (this includes all teleport skills and spells) to your quest target. The quest repair command allows you to restore a piece of armor's base back to their original state if the item has been damaged by acid. The cost is 100 questpoints per percent recovered. With the 'quest increase' syntax, it is possible to increase the trained and overall stat maxes. The cost is 1000 questpoints per 1 point increase. The 'quest upgrade' syntax allows you to increase the level of an item and adjust the item's armor class to match its new level. The cost is 200 qps and 200 gold per level increase. Example: 'quest upgrade 10 1234 1234' would increase item id 1234's level to 10. Please note that not all kinds of armor have a base AC, and some types of armor don't have AC until a certain level, so upgrading does not guarantee higher AC. Explore the world and compare gear before using this command to determine if an item has potential for upgraded armor class.
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