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Helpfile keywords: buy list
Syntax: buy <object|#> buy <#*item number> to buy in bulk buy <#*object> to buy in bulk buy <object> <player> in delivery services The buy command purchases an object from a shopkeeper. Shopkeepers sell their wares in both gold and questpoints. If the prices are in questpoints, it will notify you at the bottom of the items list. To purchase an item, you can type 'buy <item name>'. For example, 'buy sword' will buy the first sword in the list of items. You can also type 'buy <item position>'. For example, buy 3 will buy the third item in the list of items. When multiple items of the same name are listed, type 'buy #. Item', where # is the position of the item in a list of that name. So if there are two swords, buy 2. Sword will buy the second sword. If you want to buy multiples of an item, use an *. For example: buy 5*pie will buy 5 pies. These can be combined into, for example, buy 2*2. Shield. To glean information about an item before purchasing it, you can appraise it. Syntax: list (<object keyword or stat such as dex, wis, etc.>) list dex list (<level or level range>) list 78-85 list (<mob keyword>) The list command displays the objects the shopkeeper will sell you, their levels, and prices. Quantity '---' means the item is sold in an unlimited supply. To see stats on a shop item, use 'appraise <item>'. List <argument> will display items with the keywords entered and if the argument is a valid stat such as dex, wis, etc., it will list items with this stat. Note that if an item has a keyword such as 'wis' but doesn't have the stat wis, it will not list this item with 'list wis'.
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Helpfile keywords: channel list
Syntax: @ ("list") Typing @ or 'channel' by itself will display a list of all the channels you have joined. Typing '@ list' will list all channels created by other players or immortals. Your main channel, if you have chosen one, will appear with an '*' next to its name. Your channel status will be listed under 'status'. On means you have joined the channel and have turned it on. Off means you have joined the channel but have turned it off. If nothing is displayed, it means you have not joined the channel. On the channels list will also be the name of each channel's primary owner, the number of messages sent on the channel thus far, and any channel flags.
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