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Helpfile keywords: sacrifice command
Syntax: sacrifice <object> sacrifice all This command is used to sacrifice an object to the gods. You will receive a small amount of gold for the items from the gods. Containers which are not empty will be dumped onto the ground and the contents will not be sacrificed but the container will be. If an item is redeemable, it will be sacrificed for 50% of the questpoints it is worth. If toggle split is set, you are in a group, and your group members are in the same room, you will split gold rewards from sacrifices with group members. If you are a PermaDeath player sacrificing someone else's items you will not receive gold for those items.
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Helpfile keywords: sacrifice spell
Syntax: cast 'sacrifice' < or pet name> Cooldown: 30 minutes Diabolists can sacrifice a familiar to restore their own hitpoints and mana. Any equipment the familiar is wearing is returned to the caster. The familiar must have at least 50% health to be sacrificed.
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Helpfile keywords: blood sacrifice
Syntax: cast 'blood sacrifice' By cutting into your palm and sacrificing the blood to your ancestors, they share their power with you, boosting your magicroll. Upon casting the spell, you lose a portion of your hitpoints and your maximum hitpoints will be lowered for the duration of the spell. The amount of hitpoints lost decreases and the amount of magicroll gained increases as you become more proficient in casting this spell. Self-cast only.
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