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Syntax: cast <spell name or spell number> <target name> cast <spell name or spell number> <mob vnum> cast <spell name or spell number> <pet> cast <spell name or spell number> group cast haste fido -- to cast on a target with name fido cast sanctuary 5341 -- to cast on mob vnum 5341 cast 'bone graft' -- to cast on pet with id 1 cast fly group -- to cast fly on your pets and group members cast 'gia str' -- also possible to type partial spell name Before you cast a spell, you should practice it. Defense spells will have a lower chance to cast successfully with a low spell proficiency, and attack spells will do more damage the more proficient you are at casting them. For example, acid blast will do 50% of its potential damage if it is only 50% learned. However, when casting an offensive spell that the caster is not proficient in, he or she will not lose concentration. Casting spells costs mana, and mana can be recovered by quaffing certain potions. The <target> argument is sometimes optional. Most attack spells will use an appropriate default target once in combat. You can also cast the spell's spell number instead of the spell name. To find a spell number, use the showskill command, ie showskill sanctuary. The sn is listed at the top. If the spell name is more than one word, then you must put the name in single quotes. For example, cast 'magic hat' dragon. Quoting is optional for single-word spells and spell names can be abbreviated. You can recast spells and reuse skills that you are currently affected by to get a fresh version of the effect. Other players can also recast spells on you as long as their version of the spell is the same level or higher. This will give you a new duration at the least and usually a stronger spell effect if their spell is higher level.
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Syntax: cast <spell name> <target> <directions list> cast fireball fido 3w cast 'acid blast' fido n2e cast 'bone shard' cd Experienced spellcasters can cast their spells further into the distance, allowing them to attack their foes up to 3 rooms away. At 50% learned, the range is 1 room away, at 75% 2 rooms, and at 100% 3 rooms. Of course, casting spells at a longer range takes practice and the damage attack spells inflict is reduced until the skill has been mastered. Foes who are able to track may attempt to hunt down their assailant to take revenge. It is possible to cast adversive spells (blindness, disease, etc.) as well as attack spells, including AoE spells.
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