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Syntax: gtell <message> ; <message> Gtell sends a message to all of the players in your group, wherever they are, even if they are sleeping, stunned, or dying. ; is an alternate syntax for gtell. Syntax: tell <exact player name> <message> # <exact player name> <message> Tell will send a private message to a player, no matter where they are. Unread tells are saved to the personal board if you log out without reading them. Unread tells will also be sent to you on the personal board if there is a copyover. # is an alternate syntax for tell. Syntax: reply <message> Reply will send a message to the last person who sent you a tell. Reply will even work if you cannot see the player without revealing the player's identity. This is handy for talking to invisible people. Syntax: replay Replay will show you your unread tells (tells sent to you while you were in AFK mode).
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