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Syntax: recall or / recall house recall recall to recall while in a party quest zone hrecall to recall to your House Stronghold If you recall during combat, you will lose experience. The chance that you will be successful at fleeing is based on your recall skill, although having 100% does not insure success. Recall does not work in god-forsaken rooms. Characters afflicted by curse may not recall. Pets and npc followers will auto-recall when a player recalls. It is possible to force your group members to attempt to recall with you if you are the leader of your group by using the 'group recall' command. Syntax: recall <recall message> recall none - resets your recall message Characters can customize what others see when they recall. Your name must be included in the message. For example: recall In a whirlwind of leaves, Bob vanishes.
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Helpfile keywords: word of recall
Syntax: cast 'word of recall' (<1-max rooms>) (see help mental acuity) This spell works the same as the recall command. The same restrictions apply, such as attempting to recall when cursed. Word of recall works well with the memorize spell. The caster will not lose experience by casting this spell during combat, whereas recalling out of combat will cost experience. When using this spell in combat, it has the same restrictions that flee would have, such as not being able to move when stunned.
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