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Syntax: equipment (<slot>) inventory (<item type>) inventory (<item keyword>) inventory reorder <item> (<position>) The equipment command lists anything you are wearing. Typing equipment with an argument such as 'equipment head' will display the item, if there is one, worn in that particular slot. The inventory command lists any visible items in your inventory. It is possible to use the inventory command with an argument, such as 'inventory weapon'. This will display any visible items of that item type in your inventory (including inside bags). The syntax is the same if you want to search for an item in particular, such as 'inventory ancient'. This will display any items in your inventory (and in bags) with the keyword ancient. Both syntaxes will tell you which container the item is inside as well. This command will not display items stowed in your locker. The 'inventory reorder' syntax will move an item to a different position in your inventory. Typing 'inventory reorder sword' would move the sword to the top of your inventory. If you wanted to move it to the third position, the syntax would be 'inventory reorder sword 3'.
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This helpfile lists the costs and stats of the game's quest equipment. All quest items have 10 rune slots and can be sold back for half the price they were originally purchased for. Weapon damage of quest weapons is double what it would be for a normal weapon. The level of the item will match your level when you buy it and the stats of the item will not auto-adjust as you level up. Wings of Flight (Worn: Back Cost: 1000qp Weight: 1) Static: +10 Wisdom, +10 Dexterity, +3 Saves, AC based on level at purchase (AC will always be at least 1). Permanent flying effect when worn. Ring of Regeneration (Worn: Finger Cost: 1000qp Weight: 1) Stats: +4 Damroll, +4 Magicroll, +7 all stats, AC based on level at purchase (AC will always be at least 1). Enhanced healing when worn (15% healrate multiplier). Decanter of Endless Water (Cost: 250qp Weight: 5) Once filled, the Decanter will never run dry. To change the liquid, use the 'fill' command. You only need to pour out the liquid if you are filling it with a different liquid. Decanters are always level 1, regardless of the level you purchase it at. Religious Emblem (Worn: emblem Cost: 1000qp Weight: 1) Stats: +15 all stats, +5% exp boost Light of Erion (Worn: Light Cost: 2200qp Weight: 1) Stats: +13 all stats, +10 mana, +10 hp +20% mana regeneration rate True sight affect Infinite light Sleeping bag (Worn: Sleeping Cost: 9000qp Weight: 1) Stats: Enhanced healing while worn/sleeping See help sleeping bag Translucent Robe (Worn: Body Cost: 750qp Weight: 1) Stats: +10 luck, +10 dex, +3 Saves, AC based on level at purchase (AC will always be at least 1). Permanent pass door effect when worn. Sphere of Knowledge (Worn: Hold Cost: 750qp Weight: 1) One is able to train/practice anywhere with this (must not be held). Pouch (Worn: Belt Accessory Cost: 1000qp Weight: 1) Stats: +9 all stats, +3 Saves Carries up to 2000 kg and 1000 items. Weight inside is 20% lighter. +300 item capacity. A Hero's Flamberge (Class: War Worn: 2H Wield Cost: 5000qp Weight: 10) Stats: +18 Strength, +15 Dexterity, +10 Wisdom, +10 Intelligence +5 damroll +Sharp flag, twohands +20 bonus damage Silk Cesti (Class: Psi Worn: 2H Wield Cost: 5500qp Weight: 3) Stats: +15 Wisdom, +15 Intelligence, +10 Magicroll Staff with mental weapon damage Two handed weapon +20 bonus damage Sapphire Adamantium Caster (Class: Thi Worn: Wield Cost: 5500qp Weight: 5) Stats: +18 Dexterity, +10 damroll Claw with drain flag and vampiric flag +20 bonus damage Lightweight Crystal Throwing Stars (Class: Thi Worn: Held Cost: 750qp Weight: 1) Stats: +15 Dex, +10 Damroll 5000 stars, infinite recharges Serpent's Coil (Class: Thi Worn: Wield Cost: 3000qp Weight: 5) Stats: +18 dex, +10 damroll Dagger with sting flag and poison flag +20 bonus damage Staff of the Arch Mage (Class: Mag Worn: 2H Wield Cost: 6750qp Weight: 5) Stats: +18 Intelligence, +10 Magicroll +20% spell duration Staff with mana drain flag and two-handed flag +20 bonus damage Phantasmic Nightmares (Class: Ill Worn: Wield Cost: 5000qp Weight: 3) Stats: +18 Luck, +10 Magicroll Mace with mental flag and shocking flag +20 bonus damage Sickle of Pure Silver (Class: Gai Worn: Wield Cost: 6750qp Weight: 4) Stats: +18 wisdom, +10 Magicroll Whip with silver flag and sharp flag +20 bonus damage Morning Star of Destiny (Class: Cle Worn: Wield Cost: 5000qp Weight: 13) Stats: +18 Wisdom, +10 Magicroll, +3 Saves Weapon is blessed Staff with curse flag and sharp flag +20 bonus damage Diamond-tipped Arrow (Class: Arc Worn: Hold Cost: 750qp Weight: 1) Stats: +15 Dex, +10 Damroll 5000 arrows, infinite recharges Dragon Sinew Crossbow (Class: Arc Wear: Wield Cost: 5000qp Weight: 5) Stats: +18 Dexterity, +10 damroll, pierce and sharp flags Bow with sharp flag +20 bonus damage Gravebinder (Class: Nec Wear: Wield Cost: 5500qp Weight: 4) Stats: +18 Constitution, +10 Wisdom, +10 Intelligence, +10 Magicroll This weapon 'shrieks' in battle (damage type 'sound') Staff with vampiric, poison, and curse flags +20 bonus damage
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