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Syntax: equipment (<slot>) inventory (<item type>) inventory (<item keyword>) inventory reorder <item> (<position>) The equipment command lists anything you are wearing. Typing equipment with an argument such as 'equipment head' will display the item, if there is one, worn in that particular slot. The inventory command lists any visible items in your inventory. It is possible to use the inventory command with an argument, such as 'inventory weapon'. This will display any visible items of that item type in your inventory (including inside bags). The syntax is the same if you want to search for an item in particular, such as 'inventory ancient'. This will display any items in your inventory (and in bags) with the keyword ancient. Both syntaxes will tell you which container the item is inside as well. This command will not display items stowed in your locker. The 'inventory reorder' syntax will move an item to a different position in your inventory. Typing 'inventory reorder sword' would move the sword to the top of your inventory. If you wanted to move it to the third position, the syntax would be 'inventory reorder sword 3'.
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