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Syntax: quaff <potion> Syntax: recite <scroll> (<target or object>) Syntax: zap <wand> (<target or object>) Syntax: brandish <staff> (<target or object>) BRANDISH brandishes a magical staff. The staff doesn't need to be held. If no target is specified, the staff will attempt to cast the spell on all in the room. QUAFF quaffs a magical potion (as opposed to DRINK, which drinks mundane liquids). RECITE recites a magical scroll. The <target or object> argument is optional depending on the nature of the scroll, and the scroll does not need to be held in order to recite it. ZAP zaps a magical wand at a target. If the target is not specified, and you are fighting someone, then that character is used for a target. You do not need to wear the wand to use it. All of these commands use up their objects. Potions and scrolls have a single charge. Wands and staves can have multiple charges. When a magical object has no more charges, it will be consumed. If you attempt to use a wand, staff, or scroll with a spell on it that you have a cooldown for, it will block usage, with the exception of scrolls, in which case it will cast all other usable spells on the scroll (removing them from the item), and the scroll itself will not be expended. These commands may require an item skill to be successful, see the help entries on the skills scrolls, staves, and wands for more information. The default chance to quaff potions is 20%. This can be increased by training your dexterity. The success is also, to a smaller degree, influenced by luck. If a potion doesn't have a hum flag, it cannot be when blinded unless it is being held. Your pets will automatically quaff potions and eat pills when given them.
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