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Syntax: practice practice <skill|spell> practice #.<skill or spell> practice <lower percent> <upper percent> practice all confirm Typing 'practice' without an argument will list all your available skills and spells, the amount practiced, and the level. Typing 'practice' with two number arguments (ie practice 20 30) will show the skills and spells with learned percentages in that range. You can practice your skills and spells at your class guildmaster. The practice percentage varies from 1% (not practiced) to 100% (max learned). You cannot practice a skill or spell over 50%. From there, the skill or spell must be taught by another player or used to improve. Attempting to improve a spell through use from 50-80% is a slow process. Once the proficiency has reached 80%, the chance to improve increases by 60%. Practicing with a PC teacher yields a significant portion of experience. The higher your intelligence, the more you will learn at each practice session. The higher your wisdom, the more practice sessions you will have each time you gain a level. You gain at least 160 practices per level and can add up to 20 more when you have at least 150 Wisdom. You will only gain practices when you level up the higher level of your two main classes or when you only have one class. Practicing a level 1 skill or spell will cost 3 practice sessions and up to 16 practice sessions at a guildmaster. Having another player teach you will cut this cost in half and you will learn double the amount. A player with high proficiency in the teach skill can teach another player up to 80% skill proficiency. If there are multiple skills with similar names, such as shield and shield of the undead, you will be prompted to use the 'practice #.<skill or spell name>' syntax.
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