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Helpfile keywords: hold remove wear wield
Syntax: hold <object> Syntax: remove <object> Syntax: wear <object> wear all Syntax: wield <weapon> Three of these commands will take an object from your inventory and start using it as equipment. HOLD is for light sources, wands, and staves. WEAR is for armor. WIELD is for weapons. WEAR ALL will attempt to HOLD, WEAR, or WIELD each suitable item in your inventory. You may not be able to HOLD, WEAR, or WIELD an item if its alignment does not match yours, if it is too heavy for you, or if you are not experienced enough to use it properly. REMOVE will take any object from your equipment and put it back into your inventory.
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Helpfile keywords: remove curse uncurse
Syntax: cast 'remove curse' <character> Syntax: cast 'remove curse' <object> This spell removes a curse from a character, and might possibly uncurse a cursed object. It may also be targeted on an object in the caster's inventory, in which case it's chance of success is significantly higher. There is no lag after casting this spell.
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