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Syntax: prompt - Turns prompt on/off prompt show - Show prompts with and without color codes prompt all - Gives you default prompt prompt <variable> - Set variables in your prompt prompt battle <variables> - Set variables in your battle prompt prompt battle clear - To erase your battle prompt prompt percentage - Puts Health into % Possible prompt variables: %h : Display your current hitpoints %H : Display your maximum hitpoints %m : Display your current mana %M : Display your maximum mana %p : Display your current combat target's health Also displays (B) for blinded and (D) for dazed %x : Display your current experience %X : Display experience to level %A : Display your experience to level as a meter %g : Display your gold held %a : Display your alignment %D : Display your group members' health percentages It is recommended putting %D at end of prompt as there is a forced line break before the %D variable. %r : Display the room name you are in %e : Display the exits from the room in NESWDU style %c : Display a carriage return (useful for multi-line prompts) %t : Display who your reply is set to %L : Display your overall level %I : Display your current (spendable) faux level total %T : Display your target's hit points in percentage %b : Display your limit meter and percent %n : Display your limit percent (without the meter) %B : Display the area you're currently in %d : Display current mob death toll %s : Display your mana shield threshold %P : Display pets' (in same room) ID and hp in percent form %q : Display your quest bonus timer countdown %Q : Display your expedition bonus timer countdown %R : Display the room vnum you are in (Imm-Only) %E : Display editor and vnum you're editing (Imm-Only) %f : Time remaining on current quest or until next quest Only displayed if either timer is > 0 %F : Time remaining on current expedition or until next one Only displayed if either timer is > 0 %C : Minutes of experience event remaining %l : Group leader's hp percentage %i : Display HP percentage of person you are following %J : Time remaining for current Global Quest %j : Time remaining for current Junkyard or until next one %G : Minutes of experience event remaining %k : Minutes of double questpoints remaining %K : Minutes of No Quest Timer event remaining %z : Display (HxC) when Hardcore mode is on %o : Display editor you are in (Imm-Only) %O : Display vnum you are editing (Imm-Only) The following are prompt examples: Prompt 1: Displays hitpoints and experience to level. prompt %h/%Hhp %Xtnl Prompt 2: Displays hitpoints, mana, and experience to level. prompt %h/%Hhp %m/%Mmana %Xtnl Prompt 3: Display hitpoints and mana in percentages. Must turn on prompt percentage for this to display properly. prompt %h%% %m%% Prompt 4: Display hitpoints, mana, the current area you are in, and tnl. prompt %h/%Hhp %m/%Mmana %B %Xtnl Prompt 5: Display hitpoints, mana, tnl, and quest and expedition bonus timers. prompt %h/%Hhp %m/%Mmana %Xtnl %q %Q Prompt 6: Display hitpoints, mana, limit meter, and tnl. prompt %h/%Hhp %m/%Mmana %b %Xtnl The 'hp' and 'mana' commands are shorthand for displaying your health. If you only want to see your prompt while in combat, use 'toggle battleprompt'.
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