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Syntax: board [number|name] note Reads next note. note read [number] Reads a certain note. note remove <number> Removes a note written by you. note list [number] Shows up to number notes. note write Posts a note. note catchup Marks all notes in this board read. note fwd [number] [recipient] Forward a note to someone else. If more than one recipient, put names inside 'single quotations'. note edit <number> ("full") Re-edit a note note <option> <note number> (IMM-Only) Mark a note as resolved, deferred, implemented, inprogress, or accepted These commands are used for the new note system. Instead of just one board, there are several, each with its special purpose. Changing between the boards is accomplished using the BOARD command. BOARD without any arguments gives you a list of all boards together with number of unread message. To change, type BOARD <number> or BOARD <name of the board>. To read next unread note, type NOTE. To read a note with a specified number, type NOTE READ <number>. Typing NOTE while in a board with no unread notes shifts you to the next board. Note that unlike the standard note system, a note has the same number in NOTE LIST and NOTE READ. Posting a message is as simple as writing NOTE WRITE. You will be moved into interactive mode, where all you see are prompts for the fields like To:, From: etc. You will be automatically put AFK while writing a note. To see the list of the notes in the current board, type NOTE LIST. Typing NOTE LIST <number> will list only <number> of the last notes in the area. It is possible to draft notes before posting them if you want to finish them at a later time (using the 'd' option in the note's text editor). To edit a drafted note, use 'note edit <note number> ("full")'. Without the 'full' argument, you will only edit the note's text. Adding this argument will allow you to edit the note's other fields (to, subject, etc). If a note is drafted, it will be marked as such on the note list. Drafted notes will expire within 7 days if not posted to recipient. You can remove your own note by using NOTE REMOVE <number>. Implementors may remove other people's notes. Implementors can also select how many days their note is kept before being purged. Purging happens automatically at bootup. Purged notes are not deleted, but saved into a file. To let only immortals see your note, address it to "imm". To let players of a specific level and above, address it to that level (no other recipients may appear in that case). Address a note to "all" to make it a public note. Address a note to a specific player to allow only that player to read it. Address it to "imps" for the owners of the game. Address it to a house name such as 'Luminati' for all members of that house to read the note. Bugs and typos should be noted on the errors board and ideas should be noted on the ideas board. Ideas written to Immortals on the personal note board will likely be ignored as ideas are meant to be written for both staff and players to read to allow for discussion. 'All' is automatically included in the 'to' field on the ideas note board. Notes written on the errors board will be removed once they've been addressed. It's possible to post an idea anonymously when posting an idea note so that other players cannot see the author of the note. IMMs can always see the name of the author but will not disclose this information to others.
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