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Syntax: learn <teacher name> learn here learn here <skill or spell> learn decline <teacher> If a PC teacher offers to help you increase your learned proficiency in a skill or spell, you can either accept the lesson by typing 'learn <teacher name>' or you can decline the offer with 'learn decline <teacher name>'. Practicing your skills and spells with the help of a PC teacher has many benefits. The cost to practice is halved and the amount you learn is doubled. With each lesson, you also gain some experience. Typing 'learn here' will display who in the room can teach you, which skills and spells they can teach, how many practices each skill or spell will cost you to learn from them, if they have toggle teach turned on or off, and to what proficiency they can teach you. Skills which are too high level and skills that you are more proficient in than the teacher will not be listed. The number in () next to cost displays your teacher's skill proficiency in each skill/spell. If the teacher can teach proficiencies to 80% but has all skills learned to 75%, he can only teach the skills to 75%. Typing 'learn here <skill or spell>' will attempt to learn the skill or spell from any teacher in the room who is willing to teach it. The teacher must have 'toggle teach' toggled on. It is not possible to learn the 'teach' skill.
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