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Syntax: exits The exits command shows a list of obvious exits in the room you currently stand in. Hidden exits, custom exits, and exits with closed doors will not be displayed with this command. Closed doors can be revealed by scanning the room. From time to time, an exit may appear as 'other' on the list. This is a hint that there is a hidden exit of sorts in the room. These symbols may sometimes appear around the name of an exit: ( ) Closed door : : Pickproof * * Locked > < Nopass Some exits are well hidden but can be discovered and opened up by examining the room for clues as to how you might do that. For example, you may be wandering through a forest and come across a cluster of dense trees to your north. Between two trees is a wall of intertwining branches. By looking at the branches, you may notice that something lies behind them. From here, you may infer that you can 'part branches' to open up the northern exit. The exit will then be temporarily displayed on the list of exits, giving you time to pass through it before it automatically closes again. The syntax for opening up an exit is customized by the builder, thus it can be anything, but generally, the syntaxes are very intuitive, like 'move rock', 'push boulder', 'remove portrait', 'open hatch', things like that. If you turn on 'toggle newexit', a green question mark will appear directly before an unexplored exit. If you have the screenreader toggle turned on, the word 'new' will appear instead of the question mark. The exits command displays the word 'new' before the name of an unexplored exit by default.
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