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Helpfile keywords: enhanced damage
Warriors can become skilled enough in combat that they are able to inflict more damage than other classes. Enhanced damage is checked for with each hit, although with a low skill, the chance of receiving a bonus is very low indeed. Damage is increased by 10%.
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Helpfile keywords: damage
Do you want to increase your damage? 1) Wearing equipment which compliments the current attack skill or spell you are using. For example, the main stat of most spells is intelligence, so you will want to be wearing equipment with high intelligence. Magicroll will increase your spell damage output, and damroll will increase melee damage and skill damage output. 2.) Your racial stats will affect your damage. You will want to inform yourself about each race and their individual stats. Help <race> will give you that information. Keep in mind that each race (excluding the human race) has an evo. 3.) Use buffer skills and spells. Some buffers will increase your stats temporarily and at the same time will be increasing your damage. 4.) The level of the skill/spell also plays a role into how much damage is dealt. 5.) Train your class's main stat. Stats affect damage greatly. Help stats. 6.) Practice your skills and spells. Your skills and spells will do 50% damage if you have only practiced them to 50% learned proficiency. Do you want to decrease the amount of damage you take from enemies? 1.) Wear equipment with AC (armor class). 2.) Look for and wear items which have resistances on them. 3.) Use any skills and spells that give you resistances or immunities.
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Helpfile keywords: hitroll damroll magicroll spellroll damage roll
Your damage is based on the following: - Equipment worn. - Skill and spell buffs. - Whether you are wearing a weapon, have the hand to hand skill, or do not have hand to hand skill and are not wearing a weapon. Help melee for calculations. - Magicroll increases spell damage output. Damroll increases melee damage and skill damage output. - Note that damage from damroll is not static. The damage can range from between your max damage/2 to max damage. Hitroll is not used in Erion. Instead, the chance to land a hit is based on the following: The default chance to successfully hit is 100% and this percent fluctuates on a few factors which are listed below. Mobile as the attacker: - There is a 1 in 20 chance they will miss. - If they are higher level than you, the chance to land a hit increases by 10%. - If they cannot see you, the chance for them to land a hit is decreased by 15%. - If the monster is lower level than you, the chance to land a hit is decreased by 10%. Player as the attacker: - If the player is wearing one weapon he is skilled in, the chance to land a hit increases by 3%. - If the player is dual wielding and is skilled in the secondary weapon, the chance to attack increases by 5%. - If the player cannot see his victim, the chance to land a hit decreases by 20%. - If the player is more than 50 levels lower than the victim, the chance to land a hit decreases by 20%. - If the player is lower level than the victim but the gap is no greater than 50 levels and no smaller than 10, the chance to land a hit decreases by 10%. - If the player is higher level than the victim, the chance to land a hit increases by 15%. Factors that are the same for both mobile or player as attacker: - A 5% chance to miss if the target is blurred. - It is slightly easier to hit larger targets and slightly harder to hit smaller targets. - Reduced chance to hit while drunk (up to 20% less chance while 100% drunk).
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Helpfile keywords: melee damage weapon damage
Melee weapon damage is based on your weapon's level and damage. If you are wearing two weapons, the damage of both weapons will be added together. You must be skilled in a weapon to have its damage added to your melee damage. You can view your weapon's damage with the lore command. There is a small damage bonus based on strength (damage+(total str/30)). There is also a bonus based on dexterity (damage+(total dex/30)). Hand to hand is based on the level of the player and also a small strength bonus. For every 30 points of strength, there is a 1 point damage increase. Those who are not wearing a weapon and do not have the hand to hand skill will deal damage based on level alone. You must be skilled in your weapon in order to weapon damage (50% proficiency at least). Otherwise you will do hand to hand damage, if you have the skill and are at least 50% proficient in it. Melee damage is not static. You can do a mimimum of 70% of your max damage. Check 'melee damage' in your score for this range. 2H weapons do 2x normal damage, as do quest weapons. It is possible to wield a 2H weapon and hold an item (such as throwing stars or arrows). It is possible to have your weapon's bonus damage pumped to a maximum of 50. Weapons can be pumped by an Immortal as a reward for winning a quest or event.
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Helpfile keywords: sun damage
Vampires are extremely sensitive to light. They can protect themselves against this by staying indoors, going to dark rooms, or remaining invisible. Sun damage is reduced in bad weather conditions, such as when it is cloudy, raining, or lightning. Sun damage can also be reduced by the sanctuary spell. Vampires are not affected by the sun at night.
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Helpfile keywords: skill spell damage
Skill and spell damage is based on several things. It is based on the skill/spell level, your learned proficiency in the skill/spell, your class's main stat, and your weapons, with the most damage coming from your main stat. Evolution races also give a small damage boost. Damroll from buffs and equipment is also calculated into skill and spell damage. If you only have a skill or spell practiced to 50%, it will only do 50% damage. The following is an overview of how skill/spell damage calculates weapon damage bonus: - If you are wielding only a primary weapon and are skilled in the weapon type, at least 50% or more, damage will add your weapon's damage to your skill/spell damage. - If you are not wielding a primary weapon but you are wielding a secondary weapon in which you are skilled, the damage of that weapon will be added to your skills and spells. - If you are wielding both a primary and secondary weapon and are skilled in both, it will average the two weapons' damage and add that to your skill/spell damage. - If you are wielding both a primary weapon and a secondary weapon but you are only skilled in the primary, it will ignore the secondary weapon and only add that weapon's damage. If you are only skilled in the secondary weapon, it will only add that weapon's damage. - Damroll increases melee and skill attack damage and magicroll increases spell attack damage.
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Helpfile keywords: damage reduction
The different sources of damage reduction are not added together and then applied. They are applied in sequence. Therefore, it is impossible to ever have 100% damage reduction unless your race has immunity to a damage type or you have a special skill like dustbomb that gives you temporary damage immunity. For example, a monster deals 100 damage and you have 60% damage reduction from items, 10% from your race, and 50% from a buff. So you receive 100 * ((100-60)/100)*((100-10)/100)*((100-50)/100), which would be 18 damage received.
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Helpfile keywords: mock damage
Syntax: mock <target> (<stat>) (<"magicroll" or "damroll">) (<damage type>) This command allows you to deal mock damage to a player or monster - it doesn't actually harm them - to see approximately how much damage you would do to them in a real fight. Typing 'mock fido int pierce' would show approximately how much damage you would do with one intelligence-based spell/skill hit plus one melee hit (where damage is an average of your min/max melee damage), and the damage type would be pierce. If you leave out the stat argument, it will automatically choose the primary stat of your first class. The magicroll and damroll argument will decide whether the damage output takes your magicroll or your damroll into consideration. Leaving out this argument will default to damroll. It is possible to leave out the damage type argument as well. In this case, the damage type will be none. It takes resistances, vulnerabilities, and immunities into account when calculating damage.
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Helpfile keywords: damage noun type
A damage noun is the aesthetic name for an actual damage type. For example, the damage noun 'illusions' has the actual damage type 'mental'.
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Helpfile keywords: special weapon damage
Listed on the lore output for some weapons is a line such as: Special : +1 round of fury (air) damage (perm) When wielded, this weapon will do an extra round of air damage with the damage noun as fury. Pets and other NPCs wielding these weapons will not do any extra damage rounds.
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