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Raestmann HelRazor
Raestmann is a 122 year old male who has spent 2109 hours in the world.
Raestmann was born on Tue Feb 20 05:22:51 2018.
Raestmann is a medium-sized level 151 Lich of evil alignment.
Raestmann is a Warrior(L.151) / Barbarian(L.10), Illusionist(L.151) / Mirage(L.10).
Raestmann can teach skills and spells up to 100% proficiency.
Raestmann is Destroyer of Slayers and has earned 1085698 points.
Raestmann has 0 arena kills and 1 arena death.
Raestmann has killed 0 players and been killed 0 times in PK.
Raestmann has 3 war kills and 0 war deaths.
Raestmann has killed 134186 total monsters and died 59 total times.
Raestmann has killed 99728 monsters while playing in hardcore mode.
Raestmann has 0 global quest wins.
Raestmann has completed 7 quests and 0 expeditions.