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Raestelko has been offline since Mon Jul 3 20:05:29 2017.
Raestelko "Rae's Runes" 4s2w3s2e from recall.
Raestelko is a 226 year old female who has spent 4195 hours in the world.
Raestelko was born on Wed May 27 01:26:46 2015.
Raestelko is a medium-sized level 151 Yuke of evil alignment.
Raestelko is a Gaian(L.151) / Druid(L.10), Cleric(L.151) / Priest(L.10).
Raestelko can teach skills and spells up to 100% proficiency.
Raestelko is Eliminator of Slayers and has earned 1181271 points.
Raestelko has 1 arena kill and 1 arena death.
Raestelko has killed 0 players and been killed 0 times in PK.
Raestelko has 0 war kills and 0 war deaths.
Raestelko has killed 234444 total monsters and died 0 total times.
Raestelko has killed 129003 monsters while playing in hardcore mode.
Raestelko has 74 global quest wins.
Raestelko has completed 167 quests and 45 expeditions.