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Raestelko the BuzzSaw
Raestelko is a 228 year old female who has spent 4229 hours in the world.
Raestelko was born on Wed May 27 01:26:46 2015.
Raestelko is a medium-sized level 151 Yuke of evil alignment.
Raestelko is a Gaian(L.151) / Druid(L.10), Cleric(L.151) / Priest(L.10).
Raestelko can teach skills and spells up to 100% proficiency.
Raestelko is Eliminator of Slayers and has earned 1188840 points.
Raestelko has 1 arena kill and 1 arena death.
Raestelko has killed 0 players and been killed 0 times in PK.
Raestelko has 0 war kills and 0 war deaths.
Raestelko has killed 236957 total monsters and died 84 total times.
Raestelko has killed 129016 monsters while playing in hardcore mode.
Raestelko has 74 global quest wins.
Raestelko has completed 167 quests and 45 expeditions.