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Chathar has been offline since Sat Nov 3 19:06:08 2018.
Chathar brought to you by the letter 3
Chathar is a 192 year old male who has spent 3517 hours in the world.
Chathar was born on Wed Nov 27 21:57:32 2013.
Chathar is a huge-sized level 151 Emerald Dragon of good alignment.
Chathar is a Warrior(L.151) / Barbarian(L.3), Cleric(L.150) / Venomist(L.2).
Chathar can teach skills and spells up to 100% proficiency.
Chathar has 0 arena kills and 0 arena deaths.
Chathar has killed 0 players and been killed 0 times in PK.
Chathar has 1 war kill and 0 war deaths.
Chathar has killed 40927 total monsters and died 83 total times.
Chathar has killed 26201 monsters while playing in hardcore mode.
Chathar has 75 global quest wins.
Chathar has completed 1975 quests and 311 expeditions.