Character name:

Aelyn is online.
Aelyn is a 2164 year old female who has spent 42949 hours in the world.
Aelyn was born on Sat Jul 21 04:45:25 2012.
Aelyn is a medium-sized level 161 Immortal Human of evil alignment.
Aelyn is a Archer(L.161), Witch(L.1).
Aelyn has built 37 areas that have claimed 1341 mortal lives.
Aelyn can teach skills and spells up to 100% proficiency.
Aelyn has a bounty of 3640 gold on her head.
Aelyn wuvs Lucius.
Aelyn has 0 arena kills and 0 arena deaths.
Aelyn has killed 0 players and been killed 0 times in PK.
Aelyn has 2 war kills and 1 war death.
Aelyn has killed 3630 total monsters and died total times.
Aelyn has killed 5 monsters while playing in hardcore mode.
Aelyn has 1 global quest win.
Aelyn has completed 2 quests and 0 expeditions.
Aelyn's website is
Aelyn is from the Witch's Wood.