Crafting Guide

How to Unlock Crafting

    Crafting is unlocked in the area Crafters Forge. The easiest way to get to it is with the command 'RUNTO CRAFTERS FORGE'. Follow the path to the mountainside, where it ends abruptly at an unclimbable cliff, and examine the surroundings with the command 'LOOK AROUND'. Inspect the keyword closely with the command 'LOOK (KEYWORD)' to find more clues on how to open the hidden entrance to the mountain.

    The skills needed to aquire the crafting skill itself are taught by specialist NPCs in the mountain and include lapidary, foraging, mining, blacksmithing, leatherworking, woodworking, and weaving. Once these have been mastered, you can progress on to advanced versions by unlocking them at the Master Crafter.

Where to Aquire Skills

  • Lapidary: Visit Darbyn in the Gem Crafters Chamber.
  • Foraging: Visit Zorryn in an Overgrown Garden.
  • Mining: Visit Landryl in the Mine Entrance.
  • Blacksmithing: Visit Kercha in the Smithy.
  • Leatherworking: Visit Borloryr in the Antechamber to the Leatherworkers Craft Hall.
  • Woodworking: Visit Lortkyn on the Mountain Plateau.
  • Weaving: Visit the old woman Lirra in the Log Cabin.
  • Crafting: Visit the Master Crafter in the Crafting Hall.