Voodooist Necromancers are already known for using (some might say "reusing") the dead for their own purposes. Voodooists, however, have found even more creative uses for the dead. The vindictive Voodooist has even been known to bring back an enemy just to kill it again. And again. All the while drawing the life out of their enemies and using it to restore themselves. Cross Voodooists with care or you may find yourself being beaten with your own arm.


Level 1: focus death
Syntax: cast 'focus death' <#.pet or pet name> Voodooists can intensify the power of an undead pet through the casting of focus death. It increases the pet's damroll, the amount of which is based on the spell proficiency, and casts haste upon them.
Level 3: circle of life
Syntax: cast 'circle of life' With this spell, Voodooists conjure up a burning white circle of life which heals them, their party members, and pets every 10 seconds and damages the targets of all the party members, if they are in combat. The healing and damage amounts are both based individually on each member's constitution. The Voodooist who cast the spell must be in the same room for other party members to take advantage of the effects of this spell. Main stat: Constitution.
Level 5: circle of death
Syntax: cast 'circle of death' With this spell, Voodooists conjure up a burning black circle of death. When a mobile dies within the circle, it is resurrected immediately from the dead and attacks its killer. The mobile will be resurrected if the original caster, a party member, or a pet kills it. The original caster must be in the same room for this spell to work. The mobile's strength and health is based on the Voodooist's skill proficiency. 50% Proficiency 100% Proficiency --------------- ---------------- Mob level -10 Mob's original level Mob's original hp Mob's hp -20% Mob's original damage Mob's damage -20% Once a mobile has been resurrected, it will disappear after 30 minutes if not slain. The mobile loaded is not an exact copy of the original (the triggers on the original mob, if any, will not be attached to the resurrected version).
Level 7: spirit magnet
Syntax: cast 'spirit magnet' With this self-cast spell, the spirits of monsters freshly-slain are absorbed by the Voodooist, restoring a portion of mana. Monsters can be no more than 10 levels below the Voodooist to restore mana.
Level 10: voodoo
Syntax: cast voodoo <npc> (<direction>) cast voodoo <pk player> Voodooists can insert a pin into a body part in their inventory and cast this spell on an unfortunate victim, either a monster in the room or in a surrounding room, or (if both caster and victim are PK) a player anywhere in the area. It will attempt to cast slow, poison, disease, weaken, curse, corruption, and decay on the target. These adversive effects will be cast at the level of the body part. Protection voodoo protects the victim from the effects of this spell. This spell requires total focus and thus cannot be cast in combat. There is a chance that the (NPC) victim will chase the caster down, but this chance decreases as the proficiency of this spell increases.