Sniper The advantage that Snipers have over their enemies is that their enemies don't even see the Sniper before an arrow ends up between their eyes. The Sniper's experience and keen eyesight allow them to spot targets before being spotted, hit critical targets from a distance, and even shoot arrows around corners. They even have an uncanny ability to coax more damage out of their arrows, though how they do so is a closely held secret.


Level 1: farsight
Syntax: cast farsight (<target>) The farsight spell expands the caster's consciousness, allowing them to scan in a radius larger than normal (+2 rooms).
Level 3: perfect aim
Syntax: automatic A skilled sniper who has perfected his aim with the shoot skill has a chance to hit a vital spot, dealing 50% more damage, even when the target is at a distance. The chance do so is based on the skill mastery and the Sniper's dexterity. The shoot skill must be fully mastered to practice this skill. Main stat: Dexterity.
Level 5: reactive arrows
Syntax: automatic Experienced Snipers gain the ability to infuse their arrows with a special power that makes them increase in speed the longer they travel. Therefore, they inflict more damage the further away their target is. Normally Archers are penalized by -10% damage for each room the arrow must cross to hit the target, but with this skill, the damage is increased by +10% each room.
Level 7: ambush
Syntax: ambush <victim> By positioning themselves out of sight, Snipers can release an arrow and catch their victims unaware, ambushing them. Depending on their skill level, dexterity, and luck, the Sniper may stun and root the victim. If the target can see the Sniper then the chance to stun and root is drastically decreased. Main stat: Dexterity.
Level 10: advanced shoot
Skill: Shoot Syntax: shoot <target> shoot <target> <direction list> shoot fido east shoot fido 2wn shoot all (<direction list>) (ballistic arrows skill syntax) shoot all shoot all north shoot all 3nw A character can use this ability only when he have the bow skill. To shoot, he must wield a bow and hold an arrow in his hand. The range is based on the character's level of archery. The higher level, the further one can shoot arrows and the more damage will be dealt. You can choose the target you want to shoot at with the standard prefix. There is a chance of shooting up to three times based on your second and third attack skills. Shooting mobiles in rooms around you will cause most mobiles to track you down and attack you. While the skill is not fully mastered, there is a chance that arrows will shoot an unintended target in the path or simply miss the target and pierce the ground. The further away you are from your target, the less damage your arrows will do (unless you have the skill reactive arrows). The damage is decreased by a percentage (room distance*10). For example, if you are one room away you will do 10% less damage and if you are five rooms away you will do 50% less damage. When the target's hitpoints are below 30%, shoot will do 10% more damage. If your opponent is wearing equipment with resistance to shoot, the amount of damage dealt will be decreased by the amount of resistance. Shoot has a chance to second and third attack. Skill: Advanced Shoot Syntax: automatic Experienced snipers are able to shoot arrows around corners instead of simply in a linear direction. For example, 'shoot fido 2e3n'.