Psiblade The Psiblade has developed mind powers specifically to damage foes. They are able to increase the effectiveness of their weapons by increasing their strength with mental energy as well as using the power of concentration to increase the accuracy of their weapon's blows. Often, someone facing a Psiblade in battle will become so mentally fatigued that they will lose the ability to cast spells, or they hit themselves with their weapon rather than the Psiblade.


Level 1: psychic weapon
Syntax: cast 'psychic weapon' <weapon> Psiblades are able to infuse a weapon with mental energy, making the weapon stronger. The more proficient the Psiblade is in infusing weapons, the higher the damroll bonus and duration will be.
Level 3: counter
Syntax: Automatic When practiced, this skill activates automatically, allowing the fighter to turn his victim's blow against himself. The fighter must be wielding at least one weapon in order to counter an attack. Main influences: Strength, Dexterity, Fighter Level vs. Attacker Level. The chance to counter is decreased greatly if the fighter cannot see who is attacking him.
Level 5: thought invasion
Syntax: cast 'thought invasion' <victim> Cooldown: 1 minute Psiblades use the power of their minds to interrupt the concentration of their victim, causing them to lose their focus when casting spells and using skills. The chance that the victim will lose their concentration and fail a spell or skill (or deal 0 damage) is 50% once affected by this spell. At 50% learned, the victim has a chance to lose their concentration up to 5 times. This increases by 1 each 10%. By 100%, the victim can lose their concentration up to 10 times. There is no lag upon casting this spell.
Level 7: transmute life
Syntax: cast 'transmute life' <amount (=learned percentage)> Transmute life converts a portion of hitpoints into mana. The amount of hitpoints lost decreases as the caster's spell proficiency improves.
Level 10: psychic mantra
Syntax: cast 'psychic mantra' Psiblades chant a mental psychic mantra which guides their strikes, leading to a higher accuracy and greater physical and magical power. The more adept they are at this mantra, the greater the accuracy and damage they will do.