Ninja Like the ninjas of old, the Ninja is a master of disguise and adept at getting out of tight spots. The Ninja relies on the skills passed down through generations of masters. Skilled in close up combat, they may just as well put a throwing star through your heart before you even know he is there, and if a Ninja is hunting you, don't tarry in dark corners as they are known for their ability to see in the dark.


Level 1: advanced throw
Syntax: throw (<target>) throw <target> <direction list> (Ninja subskill syntax) throw fido north throw fido 2e3n Using this skill, a Thief can throw a throwing star at his enemy. A claw or dagger must be wielded with a throwing star held. Once the stars are used up, they can be recharged. When throwing stars at a target, if the throw skill is not mastered, the star has a chance to strike an unintended target or simply land on the ground. Stars that land on the ground can be picked up and will automatically stack with the currently-held stars. The damage of throw increases with the novice, intermediate, master, and expert throwing skills. When the victim's hitpoints are below 50%, damage is increased by 10%. The Ninja subskill advanced throw allows the Thief to throw stars at targets up to 5 rooms away (and around corners) once the skill has been mastered. Main stat: Dexterity Damage: Pierce
Level 3: vanish
Syntax: vanish ('set') Through the use of smoke bombs, ninjas are skilled in the art of vanishing quickly and without a trace. Using 'vanish set' will set the point to where the ninja will vanish to. The same restrictions that apply to gate also apply to vanish, except that vanish will work even when cursed.
Level 5: blindfold training
Syntax: automatic Because part of a ninja's training is to practice combat while blindfolded, the drawbacks of becoming blinded in combat have little to no effect on them. This training improves the senses and balance so that once the skill is mastered, the ninja will be able to sense incoming blows and evade them regardless of the loss of sight. They will also hit their targets with full force and greater accuracy. This skill has a chance to increase when evading a target while blinded.
Level 7: convince
Syntax: convince <mob> remove <item> convince <mob> drop <item> convince <mob> get <item> convince <mob> quaff <item> convince <mob> eat <item> convince <mob> drink <item> convince <mob> <direction> Based on a combination of luck and intelligence, a skilled individual can attempt to convince a mob to perform certain actions such as moving in a certain direction or using commands like remove, drop, get, quaff, eat, and drink. If you fail to convince the mob to perform the desired action, the mob will shake its head at you and possibly even attack you. The higher this skill is learned, the lower the chance will be that the mob will attack. At 50% learned, it's possible to convince a mob to move to a room where there are no more than 5 other mobs. This maximum increases to 10 mobs once the skill has been mastered. It's not possible to convince the mob to leave the current area it's in. This skill does not work if either you or the mob are currently fighting someone. Monsters who are more than 15 levels above you can't be convinced to do anything. There is no failure message if the mob can't carry out the desired action, such as dropping a non-existent item or a nodrop-flagged item, or ordering a mob to walk through a closed, nopass-flagged door. It is against the rules to use this skill to grief another player by purposefully moving an aggressive monster into the player's path.
Level 10: cloak
Syntax: cloak Ninjas are masters of disguise and can cloak themselves as to not be recognized by onlookers. Cloak works like deter, preventing most aggressive monsters from attacking the ninja. Onlookers will see 'a cloaked figure' in the room. Other ninjas with a skill proficiency equal to or higher than the figure will be able to see the true ninja behind the cloak.