Mercenary The Mercenary takes no pleasure in killing, but he does take pleasure in getting paid. And since time is money, the Mercenary will waste no time tracking you down and ending your life. Try as you might, hiding from a Mercenary is almost impossible. Surviving once found is even harder.


Level 1: track
Syntax: track <target> This skill enables one to follow the tracks of a monster or another player who has passed through the area, leading the tracker directly to their target.
Level 3: battle finesse
Syntax: automatic During their many battles, combatants noticed that one of the deadliest situations is to be stunned by their opponent. Therefore, a skilled combatant can avoid those situations with his experience in battle finesse. The more often they escape those deadly situations, the easier it is for them to avoid them in the future. Of course battle is always unpredictable and so there is no guarantee to avoid all stuns.
Level 5: greed
Syntax: greed Mercenaries who imagine themselves being showered in riches increase their gold earnings for a short period of time.
Level 7: polish
Syntax: polish <weapon> This Mercenary skill temporarily increases a weapon's damroll. The higher this skill has been learned, the longer the effect will last. The amount of damroll is based on the weapon's level/5.
Level 10: contracted killer
Syntax: automatic As Mercenaries are known for successfully fulfilling quest and expedition contracts in return for rewards and wealth, they usually have to wait for a shorter period of time to get employed again by a quest- or expedition-giver. The more often Mercenaries complete their contracts, the more acknowledgment they receive from contractors, leading to shorter waiting periods between quests and expeditions. When a quest or expedition is failed, the waiting period is also slightly decreased. This skill automatically has a chance to increase upon successful completion of a quest or expedition.