Mentalist The Mentalist has an extraordinary memory and the ability to observe minute details. The combination of these abilities allows them to recall to more locations than others. In combat, the Mentalist can convince the weak-minded to do less damage than they might otherwise. Even more dangerous for the Mentalist's foes is the fact that the Mentalist can carefully observe its foes and use those details to more effectively fight in the future.


Level 1: mental acuity
Syntax: automatic Through the disciplined training of their minds, Mentalists are able to internalize every detail of their surroundings. This gives them the ability to use their sharp memory to return to certain places in the world with the word of recall spell. The stronger their memory, the more rooms they can internalize using the memorize spell. This skill has a chance to increase with every word of recall and memorize cast. Once this skill has been mastered, the Mentalist can memorize up to 6 rooms.
Level 3: cripple
Syntax: cast cripple <victim> Mentalists can trick their victims into thinking they are crippled, causing them to move slower and hit with less force.
Level 5: mindstorm
Syntax: cast mindstorm By creating a storm of psionic energy, a Mentalist can use this spell to blast his foes. It will attack up to 3 targets at a time. Main stat: Wisdom.
Level 7: enemy sympathy
Syntax: cast 'enemy sympathy' <victim> Cooldown: 10 minutes Mentalists can manipulate the feelings of their victims, making the victim feel sympathy towards their enemies. The victim is then reluctant to fight back and strikes with less force. Targets resistant to mental attacks have a chance to shake off this effect. It lasts for 3 minutes before wearing off. There is no lag upon casting this spell.
Level 10: study foe
Syntax: cast 'study foe' (<target> <slot 1-10>) Mentalists who cast this spell upon a foe and then successfully dispatch the them will commit the foe's fighting style to memory, making subsequent battles with them less effortful. The Mentalist will deal more damage and the foe will hit less hard. The chance for the Mentalist to anticipate incoming attacks increases with the knowledge of their opponent's fighting style and thus they have an easier time dodging and the foe will have a more difficult time dodging. Casting study foe without any arguments will list all foes whose battle tactics have been memorized. Casting this spell upon a foe who has already been studied and killing them will refresh the Mentalist's memory. Memories will fade over time until this spell has been mastered. The higher the spell proficiency, the longer the memories will remain intact. The spell proficiency has a chance to increase when the Mentalist kills a mob they cast this upon. Once this spell has been fully mastered, memories never fade unless erased purposefully by studying a new foe. The amount of knowledge a Mentalist can remember increases as the spell proficiency increases, allowing them to memorize up to 10 monster fighting styles once they've mastered this ability.