The Herbalist is able to work wonders with plants. As such, they are
much more proficient than most at brewing potions, being both more
successful at brewing than most, but also able to make more potent potions.
Anyone who brews potions will tell you that locating the best ingredients is
key to making a good potion, and Herbalists are especially talented at
finding ingredients.


Level 1: potion mastery
Syntax: automatic

This skill increases the chance to successfully brew a batch of potions by
+5% at 50% learned. Once this skill has been mastered, it will increase the
chance by +10%. The skill proficiency has a chance to increase when the
Herbalist brews a potion.

Level 3: locate ingredients
Syntax: cast 'locate ingredients'

This is an Herbalist spell that reveals the names of ingredients in the
current area the caster is in. If the ingredient has a 'nolocate' flag on
it, it cannot be revealed. Ingredients inside player homes, in pits, or
carried by other players will also not be listed.

Level 5: magical extraction
Syntax: cast 'magical extraction'

Because of their long study of alchemy ingredients, Herbalists know their
properties like the back of their hand. This knowledge combined with the
power of this spell helps to extract more of the desired agents, leading to
a longer lasting potion duration. When magical extraction is 100% learned,
the potions will last 20% longer.

This spell will not increase the potency of certain recipes.

Level 7: herbal healing
Syntax: cast 'herbal healing'

This spell removes adverse effects such as blindness, curse, various forms
of disease, and various forms of poison.

Percent Heals
‑‑‑‑‑‑‑ ‑‑‑‑‑
50% Diseases
70% Blindness
90% Curse
100% Poisons

Because this spell calls cure blindness, remove curse, cure disease, and
cure poison, these spells also have a chance to increase in proficiency when
the target is successfully healed of his or her ailments.

Level 10: salve
Syntax: salve ()

By mixing together various herbs, the Herbalist can create a healing salve
and apply it to themself or others. As the halve sinks into the body, it
will restore health. Health is restored once a minute and the amount healed
is based on the Herbalist's wisdom. The amount that will be healed will be
listed next to the effect's name on the affect command.

At 50% learned, the cooldown after casting this skill is 1 hour. As the
skill mastery increases, so will the cooldown, until it is 30 minutes at
100% learned. The cooldown applies to the target of the skill, not the
person applying it, unless the target is the Herbalist himself.

Main stat: Wisdom.