Charmer The Charmer has developed an unnatural ability to get what they want from others. Shopkeepers find themselves wanting to give the best deals to Charmers, even giving them things for free. Oddly enough, the shopkeepers themselves can't tell you why they do it. Outside of shops, Charmers also finds it possible to convince others to do their bidding, even convincing their enemies not to hit them as hard.


Level 3: charisma
Syntax: automatic Using their charisma, Charmers persuade shopkeepers to give them more items than they originally purchased. This skill has a chance to increase when an item is purchased. If items are purchased in bulk, there is a chance for the skill to increase for each item purchased. Chance Details - Chance starts at 1%. - Chance +2% once the skill has been fully mastered. - Chance +5% if currency is in gold, your luck*5 is greater than the cost of the item. - Chance +5% if currency is in questpoints, your luck is over 1000, and the skill proficiency is 75% or higher.
Level 5: convince
Syntax: convince <mob> remove <item> convince <mob> drop <item> convince <mob> get <item> convince <mob> quaff <item> convince <mob> eat <item> convince <mob> drink <item> convince <mob> <direction> Based on a combination of luck and intelligence, a skilled individual can attempt to convince a mob to perform certain actions such as moving in a certain direction or using commands like remove, drop, get, quaff, eat, and drink. If you fail to convince the mob to perform the desired action, the mob will shake its head at you and possibly even attack you. The higher this skill is learned, the lower the chance will be that the mob will attack. At 50% learned, it's possible to convince a mob to move to a room where there are no more than 5 other mobs. This maximum increases to 10 mobs once the skill has been mastered. It's not possible to convince the mob to leave the current area it's in. This skill does not work if either you or the mob are currently fighting someone. Monsters who are more than 15 levels above you can't be convinced to do anything. There is no failure message if the mob can't carry out the desired action, such as dropping a non-existent item or a nodrop-flagged item, or ordering a mob to walk through a closed, nopass-flagged door. It is against the rules to use this skill to grief another player by purposefully moving an aggressive monster into the player's path.
Level 7: winning smile
Syntax: automatic Using their alluring appearance, a Charmer can flash a winning smile at a shopkeeper and whittle down the price of an item when buying it, or raise the price of an item they are selling. The luck stat also plays a role in these transactions. This skill works in both questpoint and gold shops but not in player shops. Main stat: Luck.
Level 10: glamour
Syntax: cast glamour This self-cast Charmer spell magically enhances the caster's charisma to such a degree that their looks can captivate and hypnotize even their foes, who become more hesitant to harm the Charmer, thus decreasing the damage the Charmer takes in combat. The more skilled the Charmer becomes at altering his appearance, the more protection his pleasing looks will offer him. When fully mastered, the resistance to damage is 10%.